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No anime site is complete without, you guessed it, FANFICTION! ^_^ So here you go, a column for my fanfiction, my partner-in-insanity's fanfiction, and possibly yours. Here's the rules if you want to submit fanfiction.
1. It was be completly yours. Do not post anyone else's fanfiction besides your own.
2. Do not use any of my characters posted on this site without permission (you can ask at my email.)
3. The rating must be T (for Teen) or lower. Nothing above R (which includes lemon/lime) unless given consent by me.
4. You may use vulgar words, though keep it to down a bit, don't ruin a good story with too much swearing. (However though, if you publish a songfic,  you may use the words as according, and in poetry as long as the cussing is done as according to its beauty, that is fine with me.)
5. Do not slander. I will not tolerate you using my site as a way of ruining someone else's reputation.
6. Slash (boy-boy love), yoai, shounen-ai (pretty much the same thing though), shoujo-ai (girl-girl love), and slight incest is allowed. Remeber though, keep it PG.
7. Do not criticize anyone else's work.
8. Do not complain about any shounen-ai or shoujo-ai on my site. I happen to be a fan of it, and if you're not I respect that. You shall respect other's opinions as well.
9. Cross-overs are allowed but don't make them so far-fetched that it's hard to follow. (example: YYH/YGO/FB/RK/OP a bit much, don't you think?)
10. Obey all the rules. If I, or any moderaters find any of your stories unappropriate we can, and will remove them from the site.
If you would like to publish a poem, it can be either non-anime related, or anime-related.
If you wish to publish a story or poem, send it to Reilyn and I shall rate it and post it, or send it back with reasons why I have said no. Thanks!
~Reiko Lyn
UPDATE: Due to a false accusation made by Fanfiction.Net, I shall no longer be supporting their site with my writings. From here on out, my fanfiction shall be displayed only through T-D, K-D, and my internet journals. I apologize for the inconveiance as I know a few fans will be upset without having the regular updating alerts, but I can't say I appreciate having my account restricted when they say I published someone else's story as my own. This greatly annoys me and due to such I shall no longer submit to them.
~Reiko Lyn.

If you have a fanfic for any of the animes on this site. Send them to me! So far there are: