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by Alexander H.

A small mouse scavenges across the ground. It isn't cold but a gray snow begans to fall. Gray. This world was lost to pollution centuries ago. A devastarting war had broken out between all the rivaling nations and had set such scars upon the Earth; legends now speak of it as Armageddon. Wreckage of buidlings, cars, trains, homes, once of a grand society, now litter this dark world, and provide shelter for the poor, homeless, and unfortunate people who have come to inherit what little was left of the world. The sky is always dark, full of clouds of pollution, and those who witness a ray of sunshine are said to be truly blessed.

However, there were still a war going on, and to this current day it is still being fought, unbeknownst to the people, who are just trying to get by. These factions still carry the same goal as their predecessors’ centuries ago. Some of these leaders worked for peace, while some still wanted it all. These peacemakers gave to the poor citizens to help to rebuild. But some weren’t as nice. Even in the peaceful lands, it still was a world without law.

In one such country was a city called Kitar. The leader here was a peaceful man, giving to his people and defending them at the same time. He would give out a ration of food every day as well as candle and matches for heat. Of the few people that inhabited this place, there was a ten-year-old girl, but she was far from an ordinary girl. She was incredibly smart for her age, a strong mind with a strong body. Her hair was jet black, and brushed her shoulders as she ran in the deepening gray snow. She was a good fighter and could hold her own; after all you have to fight for your possessions. But that’s not what was so unusual. It was her eyes. They were crystal blue and gave off a faint glow in the right light. Her name was Ayame. 

“Mako!!!” called Ayame. Her voice was as gentle as a soft rain. “Mako!!! Where are you?? The truck will be here soon, you’ll miss your meal.”

A young boy, looking about 5 years old, emerged from a wrecked car. He had black hair just like his big sister, but his was untidy and covered in gray fluff.

“Come on little brother,” said Ayame, “They will be here any minute."

"But the soldiers always pick on me." whined Mako. "They're always mean to me. Can you bring me my food?"

“You need to grow up little brother, that’s how the world is nowadays,” laughed Ayame, "Come on lets go.”

“But…” started Mako, then he reluctantly began to follow his older sister, after all he was getting hungry. 

When they got to the food center, the soldiers were handing out the daily food rations. As a matter of fact, they were handing out more than usual. This abnormal behavior made Ayame even more suspicious toward the soldiers. They were actually being nice. She noticed little smirks and grins floating between them. Ayame snuck inside one of the trucks to check out what’s going on. She gasped as she saw a couple empty bottles of poison. She grabbed it and rushed back outside.

“Mother, Mako, don’t eat it, it s been poisoned,” cried Ayame, whose voice attracted the attention of a guard. But it was too late. They had already finished eating. The guard leisurely strolled up to them.

“Now what is all the fuss about?" He said mockingly.

Ayame held up the empty vial. "Look, see you're trying to poison everyone. I found this in the back of your truck."

The soldier laughed. "Oh, that, well that was to keep the rodents out of this good food for all you people." he said.

“See Ayame, its ok,” said Mother in a sweet voice.” Come lets find a place to sleep, I think there’s a storm coming.”

There was a rumble of thunder in the distance. She took little Mako’s hand and went toward the wrecked train yard. They went into an old passenger car, long since abandoned. Ayame decided to go after the soldier. She stopped and looked back. Mako and mother had already found a place to sleep. With stealth and caution, Ayame tailed the soldier back to the truck. When they got there, she hid behind an old pillar that had once held a freeway. She listened in.

“This plan was ingenuous,” said one,” The new boss will clean this place up no more freeloaders.”

“All that’s left to do is to clean up tomorrow.” said a second.

“Let’s go,” said a third after they had loaded up and the truck roared to life and drove away.

Ayame rushed back to the sleeping train. Mother and Mako were already sound asleep. Ayame snuggled in with her mother. She fell asleep looking at the faded gold cross her mother wore. It was passed down from as far back as the war. That’s what mother always said.

It must have been only four hours at least when Ayame awoke to the sound of explosions. She turned to wake up her mother but she wouldn’t wake up. Mother was pale white and wasn’t breathing, and Mako was in the same condition. Desperately she tried to pull Mother and Mako out of the doomed train, but she wasn’t strong enough. She fell to her knees and began to cry. Ceremoniously she took her mothers cross and put it on. The explosions were getting closer. She gave her little brother and mother on last kiss.

“Ill get them back for this,” she vowed. She ran out of the train and kept running until she was far away. She looked back just as the train was destroyed. Her eyes filled with tears, and she ran off into the darkness of the gray storm. 

This fanfiction was written by Alexander H. Do not republish it for any reasons whatsoever. Send all reviews to his email.