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Name: Cody Crossfield
Alias: Greed
Location: Amestris
Age: 16
Sex: female
Race: Self-Created Homunculus
Homunculi Trait: Crescent Blood Viral Infection
Weapon: scythe
Love Interests: none
Quote: "Misguided Heart, Miss Play It Smart. Miss If-you-wanna-use-that-line-you-better not-start, No, But she miscalculated. She didnt want to end up jaded. And this Miss-decided-not-to-miss-out-on-true-love."
"Greed: An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth: 'Many... attach to competition the stigma of selfish greed' (Henry Fawcett)." Of course, why shouldn't one wouldn't want ALL of what life has to offer? Weither it be the heart of a certian individual, the adoration of a foolish girl, the scars of a fighter, the tears of a child, the blood of a demon, or even the lives of countless humans... it doesn't matter. "Greedy individuals are harmful to society as their motives often appear to disregard the welfare of others..." Once again, of course! If I want something, who are they to stop me? If I want it, I shall take it. From who or what or why is rarely of any consequence to me. I am Greed! Is there truly any liberal justification for one who's the soul of all kleptomania?
A creature known by many names, so many identies shoved into a blender with spinning razors. Compressing the names, the faces, the strengths and weaknesses, the fears and joys, the love... and ALL of the hatred and scorn and spite. Press the button to send an alchemical shock so strong it could destroy any human being. The blades will spin, stakes pierce the heart and gouge the spirit. The recipe of damnation will be blended until all that is positives thickens into nothing but grudges and broken promises. When the mixture has lost all life and appears of a pale exterior, you remove all dreams from the top and pick out the personality. Replace those by sprinkling either mistrust or jealousy, even both! Take out the spineless corpse and soak it in servitude before beating obediance into. After all this is done, set the child in isolation and allow no sunlight in, only taunts and teases, until all emotion is lost within the eyes. And then... you have created a Greed.

Picture Credit Is Unknown.