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Daddy's Precious Little Girl


 Name: Kaylee Blair
Alias: Baby Girl
Location: Broken Rose Cemetary
Age: 16
Race: British
Occupation: heir to Stephen Blair
Weapon: fangs
Love interest: none
Quote: "I've studied now Philosophy And Jurisprudence, Medicine And even, alas! Theology, From end to end, with labor keen; And here, poor fool! with all my lore I stand, no wiser than before." (Faust Monologue, Trans. Bayard Taylor)
A young girl who's the soul heir of Stephen Blair's fortune, Kaylee has always been a pampered child who's rather accustomed to her fancy, wealthy lifestyle of an aristocrat. She's a soft-spoken girl who's been sheltered all her life, and knows better than to enter her father's studies. Not having a mother, she's not very in-tuned to her surroundings and often seeks solace with her caretakers of which she has an abundant supply. She's very gracious, polite, and fearfully petite. She's been homeschooled all her life, so what she lacks in social activities and public knowledge, she makes up thrice with intellect, governmental affairs, and Shakesperean literature. While shying away from physical activities, she's very fond of one particular sport. Ever since invited to her "Uncle Maxwell"'s home during her early youth, she's been infatuated with horses and owns three of her own. All of her freetime is spent with her horses, grooming them, emblazoning them, and even riding them if supervised. Needless to say, she's happily spoiled.
So how could such a lovely child's whole life be ruined within the short span of an afternoon, and her whole world shattered within the wee hours of the next morning? It was her passion for horseback riding that led her to fall, rather literally... It was a late afternoon when young Kaylee was riding her favorite stallion "Huxley" when the horse had seized panic,the reason why was never discovered, and tumbled to the ground with Kaylee. Kaylee's petite form was crushed beneath Huxley, and plentiful bones were fractured. The horse gained a broken leg as well and was later put down. Kaylee, too, shouldn't have survived... but her father's stubbornness to cling onto the only thing that he had caused him to confront a mysterious business partner in helping him save young Kaylee. The very next morning Kaylee went into operation, a surgery that twisted her world completely around... When she awoke many days later, Kaylee would awaken to a slowly recovering body with heightened senses. As it would turn out, Stephen Blair had the finest surgeons insert a Friech Chip into her body. This chip would slowly turn her body into a vampiric-like form... It did allow her body to regenerate, but at the same gave her all the handicaps that any vampire would have. Hindered by these weaknesses, her father seeks for a way to make her a true vampire who's able to withstand the harshest rays of sunshine. How does she feel about it? Well... whatever makes Daddy happy...

Picture Credit Unknown.