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Walking alone in this world, trying to find a place to belong.

My loneliless, my hatred
My regret, my sin.

Name: Rainkai
Alias: Regret, Yoko Hikaru
Location: with Amaya, Sarayashiki Jr. High
Age: (in appearance) 16
Sex: female
Race: homunculus
Occupation: student
Weapon: none
Homunculus Trait: Alteration of Bone Structure
Love Interests: none
Quote: "My only regret in life is that I am not someone else." -Woody Allen

Many times it has been mentioned that the demoness Rainkai was killed and brought back to life. How she died and how she was brought back is still a mystery to most of us, but one mystery will be solved. What you see now is the first failed attempt at bringing the dragon back to the world of the living. Before her body was dug up, the demons responsible for bringing her back first tried to use a human transmutation, using the components of the human body plus other components in hopes of achieving the desired result. Unfortunately, their transmutation only brought this, a child-like version of the demoness. While it did seem like failure, the homunculus was a step closer to the final production. They used the homunculus for research so that their second attempt wouldn't fail. When it was tried a second time, the demons succeeded using a combination of human alchemy involving Rainkai's body and technological advances to make her exactly as she was the day she died. By altering array designs and varied amounts of components, the result was basically an empty-shell with which to work with, not quite human yet not quite true homunculus either. Using the technological advances, they perfected her and ultimately restored her back to what she was. In the end, however, the homunculus was forgotten. She felt alone without her creators and was constantly lost. Many times she tried to pull the plug while they worked on her second self, but she was always caught and put back in chains. Before long, her method of escaping was discovered. Like any homunculus, she had a special power that gave her an advantage. She could easily manipulate her bone structure to fit her needs whether she was escaping or fitting into the tiniest crack. After being locked away in a space even she couldn't get out of, she began to feel a pang that constantly assaulted her mind. She missed her creators, she despised that adult version of herself, and most of all she hated herself for what she was, hated herself because she didn't turn out to be what her creators wanted. Because of all this, she has named herself Regret and denies even her own existence.

Not long ago, however, Amaya happened to stumble across this minature version of her friend. She didn't mention names at first and only asked about her. When given the answer, Amaya took her straight to Rainkai, probably a mistake. The homunculus was thrown into rage. She cursed the dragon and tried to attack only to find herself paralyzed. Since Rainkai was made up of her own remains, Regret could not touch her, much less get within three feet of her. Again, she cursed herself for what she was and decided to stay in Ningenkai and attend school with Tsumi to learn as much as she could about her other self. Though people often wonder if they're related, Tsumi denies having anything to do with Yoko Hikaru the so-called 'new girl'. Regret travels with Amaya, living in shadows and often visits the destroyed home of her 'birth'. Amaya is more than happy to have her, considering the homunuculus is a version of her old friend before she went murderous. However, more often than not, Regret will run away from Amaya and try to figure out what her purpose in this life is.

The *real* Rainkai

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