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She's not evil... she's misunderstood.


Name: Riyo Harada
Alias: (usually known as:) Deliquent Prodigy Riyo, (only called this by Ryo:) Baby Girl
Location: "Dance All Night" club, Sohma Estate, random parks, her cousin's house
Age: 14
Sex: female
Occupation: professional juvinile deliquent, bouncer, arsonist, student
Love Interests: Ryota Toriyama, Kyou Sohma, Akito Sohma
Quote: "Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get the FUCK over it!"
Riyo Harada is the cousin of Riku and Risa Harada. Because they're related through thier mothers, who are twins, she looks identical to them. Riyo doesn't get along with her cousins, who as she sees, are supposed to be perfect and get everything they want and do whatever they want. They (supposivly) have perfect little lives full of friends and happiness and family. Riyo, however, was deserted by her mother. Riyo's mother wasn't expecting a child by a man who was just a "fling" in her eyes. Riyo never met her father. As a child, Riyo was forced to move around a lot, one reason why she didn't have many friends.
Riyo feels as though she isn't wanted, by anybody. Her mother tried to dump her onto her friends, but none of them would take Riyo. Riyo's aunt couldn't take her, she already had two kids. Eventually Riyo was moved into a small apartment with her home, who was hardly ever home, in a rather dislikeable neighborhood. Riyo's afternoons alone were always filled with her locking herself into a closet to get away from all the screaming and gunshots outside. (This is the main reason for Riyo's fear of closed-in spaces in her future)
Young Riyo only had one treasure. Her hair. She loved taking care of her hair, it was her precious. She didn't have any toys, she had her hair. She always kept it down to her butt.
One day, while playing in her front yard, (which she hardly ever did because of the dangerous neighborhood) she met Ryota. He... liked her hair too. It was the first time she had ever heard a good thing about her. From then on, she followed him around. Through Ryota, she gained many friends from his gang. Ryota wasn't probably the wisest choice of a friend, but Riyo didn't care. He was known as "Deliquent Prodigy Ryo" because of all the trouble he caused. He was three years older than her, so he always called her "Baby Girl" to tease her. In return, she called him "Old Man".
Riyo began to live with Ryota, since her mother wasn't around. In his little two-roomed house (that used to be a storage house) was the best place in the world for her.
Febuary 13, 12:03 AM. Ryota was shot and killed by a rival gang.
Febuary 14, 3:46 AM. Riyo burnt down his house and everything within. (By that time, her house had been taken away by a bank collecting her mother's debt.)
Febuary 14, 8:25 AM. Riyo's hair was cut off.
Febuary 28. Riyo was picked up off the streets by the police for stealing, and then later accused of the fire of her old neighborhood (which she did cause.)
March 10. Riyo was sent to live with her aunt and cousins, Riku and Risa Harada.
Since then Riyo has repeatedly run away from her aunt to disappear for up to 3 weeks.

Ryota and Riyo

"A friend of mine, she told me she cut herself because it relieved the pain. So after Ryo died, I cut myself. It didn't relieve any pain... it just made me bleed. Now I have scars. I have scars to remind me of the days that I couldn't be strong for him. It's pathetic." -Riyo Harada