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Name: Ryota Toriyama
Alias: Deliquent Prodigy Ryo
Location: (used to be) running around Tokyo, (now) Endymion Cemetary
Age: (died at age:) 15, (if alive now:) 17 
Sex: male
Occupation: (was) gang leader, (now) zombie in the underworld
Love Interests: Riyo Harada
Quote: "I'd rather be hated for who I am, then loved for who I'm not."
Ryota Toriyama: Nov. 16 - Feb. 13
A good guy who cared for his friends, he will be missed.
"Sometimes he would walk around his house with only his boxers on. It drove me crazy! One day I asked him, 'Why do you do that? It's embarrasing! I am a girl ya know!!' He would just smile. I hated it. It drove me insane. He got away with everything with that smile.
Well, when I asked, he replied, 'Cuz, God made us to be nakie,' using childish terms just to tease me, 'We weren't born with clothes on were we? NUUU. Clothes are artificial, man-made. Everything is man-made now-a-days. Guns. Knives. The thought of greed and chaos and destruction, all created by man. God made peace and tranquility. God made us to be naked. I honor him this way. Besides... I'M TOO SEXY FOR MY SHIRT!' Then he would dance around in his boxers and socks only, singing his 'I'm to sexy' song. It was.... a sight to see." -Riyo Harada
"I was a good girl. All until I was 11. Then I met him. He drank, smoke, burned things, partied, never did drugs but hung out with guys who did. He never stole. He wasn't exactly the best prize in the cereal box, but I always did find treasure in other people's trash. He liked me. He even took me in. That's how I met the gang... How I was introduced into all of this crap. He wouldn't let me smoke though, or drink. He took care of me. I was his... "baby girl". He  was my "old man" too. I was a good kid, with long hair. He loved my hair. He always played with it. I was a good kid... all up to when he died. After that, I cut my hair. I torched his house. I was sent to a juvinile delequncy home. I cried. I never had a reason to before... but I did then, and I bawled for everything I had lost, and for him, because he couldn't cry for himself." -Riyo Harada


The picture is from an Ayashi No Ceres gallery.