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Name: Cianne Makihara
Alias: Jadea
Location: Tokyo
Age: approximately 16
Sex: female
Race: human
Occupation: mechanic, toxin concocter, former samurai,
Love Interests: none
Quote: "Beauty is more than skin deep." -Edward Scissorhands
Cianne Makihara was born into a loosely threaded family. Her father, a swordsman who couldn't be tied down to any one location, refused to settle down with his fling of a woman. Her mother, a subtle woman who couldn't bear to leave her close-knit family, was forced to let her love go.
Cianne and her just-born brother, Kinnara, stayed with thier mother. They strived to survive together and did thier best to keep Kinnara healthy because he was born with weak immunities.
They were regulars at the local hospital.
A year and half later, thier father returned. It turned out he was needing a hier and just happened to remember his "two kids of that one girl". Since Kinnara was still sickly ill and Cianne was older, he was forced to take her along with him. She never once saw her mother or brother again.
Cianne was raised as a swordsman, hence the reason she grew up to be a samurai. Around the age of 12, her father mysteriously disappeared. Popular belief is that he died. However, Cianne's not so sure.
September 15, 1923 was the date in which Cianne was life-flighted to a hospital after a near-fatal mishap. During a fight with an unknown warrior she was stabbed in the back of the neck, which penetrated all the way through. As reported to doctors, it was said that the man had "went psycho" and repeatedly stabbed her in the back with his sword. Doing so, he literally chopped up her spine.
In the hospital, after a 26 hour surgery, her broken and disconnected spine was reattached with metal ligaments.
Since the accident, Cianne has been learning mechanism. She spent 18 months in the hospital reading on it, and secretly planning. While in the hospital, she ran into a young boy, a volenteer at the hospital. Eventually she discovered it was her lost younger brother Kinnara. He always pushed her around in her wheelchair since she was paralized waist down. As quoted, it was "like the shoe was on the other foot." So to say...


It is said that as soon as Cianne was released from the hospital. She found other surgeons to perform "mechanic tasks" on her body. From thier discarded notes, it is written that she had her spine surgecly removed and replaced with a complete automail spine. However, the uniqueness of this case was that her spine was crafted to be that of a reptiles. Now she is no longer paralyzed...
Jadea has resurfaced again! She was seen in Central applying for the National Alchemist qualification exams. As it turns out, she was a close friend of the late Brigadier General Maes Hughes and upon his death decided she would fulfill his late wishes: for her to join the military and become a State Alchemist. She has been assisted by Roy Mustang many times in order to become what she is now: First Lieutenant. After having sheltered the Elrics from thier enemy, Exosso, Jadea was promoted. She now words alongside the Elrics with dreams of her own. She plans on creating a Philosopher Stone to make the Humunculus human only to kill Envy for revenge on Hughes. She then plans on alchemizing her spine to normal then turning the stone over to the Elrics for Edward to make Alphonse human as well. Who knows of these plans besides herself? Only Lust and Gluttony with who she has formed a secret alliancence with.
But of course they don't know that she plans to kill Envy.... that she keeps to herself.
Picture courtesy to Lovely Idol and AnimeVisions.Net. Also, please note that Jadea's surgery date was estimated due to information recieved from FMA World.