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Name: Koorime
Alias: IceEyed Priestess, Demon-lover Koorime
Location: Edo, (Feudal) Japan
Age: 20
Sex: female
Occupation: priestess
Weapon: bow and sacred purification arrows
Love Interests: mysterious dead husband, Inuyasha
Quote: "Just because we are different, doesn't mean we aren't the same in one way or another."
Koorime, the grand-daughter of Kaede, is a priestess known for her cold heart. After losing her parents at a young age, Koorime was left to live with her grandmother to learn the ways of purifiaction, which she did quite quickly. However, it was strange that she learned as well as she did, for being a mute. After watching her parents being devoured by demons she lost her voice and fell into the darkness of her own heart. She may be Kaede's granddaughter, though in her eyes, Kaede is her mother.
Young Koorime specialized in getting herself lost. One day she became lost in the Forest of Inuyasha, and stumbled upon the sleeping halfbreed. Rather than being attacked by demons, Koorime climbed up and nestled against the betwitched hanyou and miraculously lived to see the next day. Since then, the young priestess would visit Inuyasha and eventually began to beg him to wake up. Sadly he did not. When Koorime's secret venture was found out, she was accused of being in love with the demon. The rumor spread when she didn't deny it.
Kaede and the villagers sent Koorime away to a temple in Edo in order to purify her "tainted heart". She eventually fell in love and had a child, to whom she named after Koorime's childhood "hero", Inuyasha.
Recently Koorime returned to live with her grandmother to raise InuSasha in the same village she had been raised in. However, she was amazed to find that Inuyasha has awoken.

The picture is from Sentimental Graphiti, though I edited her eyes to make them blue.