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Her life is her own... right?


Name: Skyla Toorikosu
Alias: the Tainted Saint
Location: Azumano High School, Hiwatari's home
Age: 14
Occupation: student (by day) thief (by night)
Love Interests: Satoshi Hiwatari
Quote: "My life is my own. I will live it as my own!"
Skyla Toorikosu, you've probably seen her. You may have just not noticed her. She's like that, not very talkative. She's quiet. She's become silent from her past when she was forced to be quiet... or else. Skyla's mother died when Skyla was just a little girl. Since then she was to live with her aunt, a strict disciplined woman. Skyla was home-schooled most of her life. Her aunt didn't want her to go to public or private schools. She wanted and made Skyla an isolated child with a lonely childhood. Her hair was always shortened into a boy's cut. She was forced to wear black all the time. She wasn't allowed to make friends.
Her aunt was afraid she would fall in love...
When Skyla was 11 she learned the horrible secret. She figured out just how her mother died. Her mother was heartbroken. Skyla's mother, Inoru (to pray; to wish), was a mystical thief. She was Artemis Lunae, an art thief, the Tainted Saint. It was Skyla's destiny to become the famous thief, but her aunt wouldn't let her. That was why she was forced to be alone.
When Skyla was 14, she was finally allowed to go to a public school. Her aunt chose Azumano High. A week before she went, Skyla was to venture around Tokyo to find out what kind of city it was. She discovered two things: Dark was back and Satoshi Hiwatari. Quickly she learned about the young detective and about his works. The young shy girl found a new objective. She would get revenge for her mother. She would capture Dark! However, she couldn't. She wasn't Lunae. She wasn't a thief. She wasn't even a gymnist! So she would have to help some help. Satoshi Hiwatari.
Skyla offered her services to the young Hikari and was, miraculously, accpeted. Skyla became the Hiwatari family maid. Then she started school with him at Azumano. Eventually she became friends with Satoshi. When Skyla set her eyes on Dark, it was when he was atop a roof with Satoshi. Her heart cringed. Her body began to burn. It felt as though a stinging chemicals were racing throughout her veins. Her body was going to burst!
Instead, it did not. She grew taller. Her hair, that had been struggling to grow out of its previous boycuts, cascaded down her back. Her dull violet eyes shimmered a crystal blue. Her clothes fit tighter. The wind ripped through her hair. She felt... like a goddess.
The Mystical Thief Lunae had returned...
Skyla had fallen in love. She was in love with Satoshi Hiwatari. Her love had transformed her into the tainted saint Lunae.
It was what Skyla and her aunt had feared all those years. She wasn't supposed to become Lunae! She had a life to live! Now... it was ruined. She was cursed to hide in fear by sunlight, steal art and hearts by moonlight while running away from the authorities and her detective love. It was the same as before. Though this time it was worse, the one which she loved... would never, could never, love her back. Her life was stolen by Lunae. Her life... would never be the same.

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