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The Mystical Thief Lunae

~*~*~*~ Artemis Lunae ~*~*~*~

Name: Artemis Lunae
Alias: Tainted Saint Lunae, Mystical Thief Lunae
Location: Within the Sky
Age: unknown
Occupation: art thief
Sex: female
Love Interests: Hikari (Satoshi's father), Krad, Dark
Quote: "The Dark may steal her heart, yet the Moon will still be there... only hidden within the Sky."
~+~+~ Clouds can only hide the moon for so long, eventually they will fade and the mon will shine brighter than ever. Isn't that why they hid her for those long 50 years?
Because of the Dark... the Moon was stolen of her heart, she left the light and became the Tainted Saint. Though after 50 years will she be Hikari or Darks?
Within the sky is the moon. The Dark may steal her heart, yet the Moon will still be there... only hidden withint the Sky. ~+~+~+~
In the beginning she was the Hikari family's partner in capturing the Phantom Thief Dark. She spent all her time plotting and mastering Dark's techniques. She knew everything about him. Hikari and Lunae were close in thier work. People were beginning to think that they were closer than just partners in work. Lunae and Hikari shared a special connection. The last Lunae however... fell in love with Dark. She betrayed the Hikaris and became his enemy. Lunae began to steal for Dark and did his every bidding. Eventually Dark began to love her back... but only for a minute. Though that minute was crucial to Lunae's existance. When Dark secretly admitted to himself that he love Lunae, her wings were clipped. It just so happened that Inoru was in between two skyscrapers. Inoru plunged to her death.
Known Previous Lunaes:
Skyla (the current Lunae)

I do not own DNAngel, though this character is my own. As for the previous Lunaes, the last two have pictures included. Each generation looks slightly different.