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The "Shadow" Battousai


Name: Kimiko Himura
Alias: Sabir Battousai
Location: Kyoto or Tokyo
Age: 19 (looks to be 13-14)
Sex: female
Race: Japanese
Occupation: Ex-manslayer
Love Interests: Seta Soujiro, Yahiko Myojin(?)
Quote: "I know what I've done... I will never lie about who I am. I just wanted to be strong... like Kenshin."
Kimiko Himura is the younger sister of Shinta Himura. She was the daughter of two poor farmers. She wanted peace for her land... and she would help to bring it... by the way of the sword. Kimiko wasn't allow to train as a child, she was a girl. It was forbidden. She knew Shinta planned to join the war. She wanted to go too!
One day Kimiko met a girl across the river of her home. This girl belonged to a different town, in a village of warriors. She was the daughter of a rebel leader. She was Yuki Namizu. Yuki was also planning to join the war as soon as possible.
Kimiko and Yuki became friends. Kimiko's first friend. They practiced swordsmanship together, created thier own sword styles. They would go to war together!
Then Shinta left. Kimiko was devastated. Yuki was the only one to comfort her. They planned to go to the war together, find Shinta, and create a world of peace! However it was not meant to be. Yuki fell into war early and was forced to leave her village and Kimiko. They parted, promising to join up again soon. Kimiko was left alone once again.
Not much longer, Kimiko eagerly headed into year. She fought under the name "Sabir Battousai", the saber of Battoujutsu. Sadly though, she was always mistaken as the other Battousai, her brother "Kenshin" Himura. While she was in war, Kimiko took a bad blow to the head.  The strike was so harsh that she had lost most of her memory. She would have been killed. Had it not been for Seta.
Seta Soujiro came across the young girl, drenched in her own blood, surrounded by corpses. He took the child home, nursed her back to health. The "child" was young Kimiko Himura. She awoke in his home, knowing only her name and a hint that she was searching... but for what?
Since Kimiko did not know her age, and she looked like a child, she assumed she was. Kimiko became... a child. "Kimi-chan" began to follow Soujiro like a little fangirl. She even had a childish crush on him! Oddly, Soujiro kept her around. He noticed that she was a solemn child. She was a child filled with solace. She was... solemn, almost sacred. She was calm, and very passive. She always tried to make him smile, really and truly smile.
Slowly her memories returned. When she remembered her cause, fighting for the revolution, she began to dress and act like a boy. She dressed like a boy, drank like a boy, rough-housed like a boy, gambled like a boy, and she was called Sabir.
Kimiko went back to fight in the revolution. She had to help bring peace among the classes. She had to find Kenshin! Kimiko and Soujiro departed. It was then she realized that it wasn't puppy-love she had for Seta. She loved him.
Sabir eventually stumbled upon Tokyo. It wasn't long before she also stumbled upon Yahiko Myojin, quite literally. Sabir and Yahiko, after a few fateful encounters, became friends. Through him, Sabir met the occupants of the Kamiya dojo, and became friends with them as well. They all accepted the little "boy" with open arms.
Sabir knew... "he" knew that "his" brother was Kenshin. Though he couldn't bear to tell him... he just wanted to be near him, friends with him. He couldn't ask for anything more. While Yahiko and he played all the time, ditched on thier chores at the dojo, Sabir was living the childhood he never had. His actual childhood was filled with violence, blood, massacure... it was ruined. Though with Yahiko, he got the childhood he never had. The two loved to go down to the river and just swim, of course they ditched thier chores while they were at it.
And then there was Lord Kazuo. His men came and arrested "Sabir Battousai" on the account of manslaughter. Of course Kenshin and Sanosuke wouldn't have that. There was a battle... one in which Sabir was wounded terribly. Shorin Oda, Kazuo's first general, slashed into Sabir's spine. He would have died, except before another stab could be made, Soujiro appeared out of nowhere and rescued him. He would be permantetly paralyzed.
However, Megumi was an excellent doctor. She fixed his spine. He would be able to walk again! Everyone was so rejoiced, until they learned Sabir's secret. Sabir... was a girl. From then on, all of her secrets poured out. She was Kimiko Himura, Sabir Battousai, the "Shadow" Battousai. She was Kenshin's younger sister by the age of 19. She was an ex-slayer from the revolution. She was a warrior of Battoujutsu.
It didn't matter.
She was a resident of the Kamiya dojo. She was... Karou's pupil. Sanosuke's drinking and gambling partner. Kenshin's sister and helper. Yahiko's practice partner and best friend. She was... thier Sabir.
Almost a year passed. Kimiko was still smiling. She was always smiling.. until she returned from a trip to Kyoto. She had discovered that her best friend, Yuki, had died. It was then that the Kamiya dojo occupants began to discover a darker side to Kimiko, the side of her filled with sorrow. People were beginning to worry, they had never knew all the pain and horror Kimiko went through. It wasn't long after that, that Kimiko was attacked by yet another assassin sent by Kazuo. Her name was "Hitokiri Blade".
After a twisted turn of event, Kimiko was reunited with her old friend Yuki, now known as "Blade". Kimiko was smiling again. She had a reason to smile again.
Thing were good for the aging Sabir. Her and Yahiko continued to grow up. (It was said the reason she acted like a child, was because she was living the childhood she never had. Plus, being so short made it easy!) Kimiko may have been a child most of the time, but she knew when enough was enough. She was like two different people. She could be Kimiko, the goofy-smiling girl who was a child just wanting to be around those who loved her. Or she could be Sabir, the dangerous, solemn ex-slayer who could freeze people in thier tracks with her ice cold glare.
Kimiko was a child who wanted peace among her people.
Sabir was a woman who wanted to find inner peace.
Kimiko confessed her love to Soujiro, as a woman. Thankfully it wasn't one-sided love. However, there was a one-sided love in Kimiko's life. It seemed that she was the only one that didn't see it... The young man had loved her more than anyone. He would do anything for her. He wanted to be there for her. He trusted her with all his troubles. He wanted to help her with hers. He loved her! Though he was afraid she could only ever see him as a friend... as her "Yahiko-kun". There was no way they could be anything more...
That wasn't true though. It took her a while, but with hints from everyone else, and finally a bold confession, Kimiko realized that she too, had feelings for her childhood friend. He had grown into a handsome young man before her very eyes! Was she that blind!?
Kimiko had once again fallen into sorrow. How could she love two men at once? How could she do that to herself? And much worse, how could she do that to them!?
Soujiro and Kimiko had a falling out... It turned out Soujiro's passion had turned to respect. She was "Kimiko", the young girl he had practically raised. She was just a child who turned into a woman before his eyes. His heart just changed, that's all.
In the end... Kimiko and Yahiko were "together". Kimiko smiled. Not that childish smile... a true smile. She was smiling her heart out now.


The top picture is Yuka Takahashi. The lower pic is Asuka from Neon Genesis Evagelion.