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The Crimson Vixen... the warrior... the demoness... the runaway...

Freesia and Hiei

Name: Kageri Kurama
Alias: Sia Misamoto, Freesia, Crimson Vixen
Location: Ningenkai
Age: 16
Sex: female
Race: fox demoness
Occupation: teacher, Reikai Tentai assistant
Love Interests: Hiei
Quote: "I tear my heart open. I sew myself shut. My weakness is that I care too much. And our scars remind us that the past is real. I tear my heart open just to feel."
Sia Misamoto, the alter-ego of Kageri Kurama. The "Crimson Vixen" form of Kageri. Sia was first seen by Hiei, in Makai, though slightly altered. Her hair was a dark red, her eyes sapphire. She had a gray tail and gray fox ears. However, after the whole escapede, Kageri becomes her silver seductress form then returns to her crimson vixen state.
This form was next seen during the "Three-Duel Tournament" (a fic written by yours truly) in which she was disguised as the mysterious 5th member, Sia (which is how she became known as Sia instead of Kageri). That was also where she picked up the nickname "Freesia". Her secret code for Karasu. "Free" and "Sia". Odd, no?
Sia is the human form of Kageri. It is this form that she remains in most of the time. She is a teacher at Shuichi Minamino's school, in history. She is, as called, a "knock-out" teacher and gets along well with her students. Nobody at the school knows of thier relation.
Sia is the proud mother of three children. Two boys, one girl. She loves Hiei more than anything. She loves her brother to death. She loves all her friends. She loves the school, Ningenkai, her students, her life. She only hates one thing. Her past.
Because of her past, she is continuously on the run from Karasu. There was once a point of which she nearly went insane, but of course it was a curse from Karasu who had brought back a horrible secret in her past. A horrible secret.
Still, all in all, Sia is finally living the life she had always wished for. And she... couldn't be any happier.


The top picture comes from Koenma No Miko's Yu Yu Hakusho Hall. The second was found randomly. Sorry I can't remember the exact site!