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The Peguin Brothers!
Doitsu, Chiri, Atarimae, Haizara

Name: Doitsu Sugiroku
Alias: none
Location: with his pals
Age: 16
Sex: male
Occupation: Protecter of the Peguin Brothers
Love Interests: none
Quote: "There is a light at the end of every tunnel, just hope it isn't a train."
Name: Chiri Takaya
Alias: Chiri-Chan, Kame-Kun
Location: with his pals
Age: 14
Sex: male
Occupation: flagboy of the Peguin Brothers
Love Interests: none
Quote: "All behold Chiri-Chan!"
Name: Atarimae Yamanaka
Alias: Yama-san
Location: with his pals and older brother, Haiza
Age: 13
Sex: male
Occupation: broadcaster of the Peguin Brothers
Love Interests: none
Quote: "Rock on DUDE!"
Name: Haizara Yamanaka
Alias: Haiza
Location: with his pals and younger brother, Atarimae
Age: 15
Sex: male
Occupation: gaurdian of his brother, bartender, student
Quote: "My name means ashtray...why? Because my parents were dopeheads."
These four call themselves the Peguin Brothers. Why peguins? Because peguins are known to stick together with thier family for thier whole life. Always. Thier leader was Ryota, and the only girl was Riyo. They were a gang who caused a lot of trouble around thier neighborhood, but never got caught. Though they seem harmless, Chiri happens to be a blacksmith for illegal weaponry, Yama-San is a fireworks distributor, Haiza is a toxin concocter, and Doitsu is a serial arsonist. Don't they look sweet and innocent now?

(top left) Haiza (bottom left) Chiri (middle) Yama-san (right) Doitsu

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