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Knock-out Knockout


Name: Mikoyo-Jyoti Hiei
Alias: Miko Minamino
Location: Night Fog Island, Makai or Ningenkai, Sarayashiki Jr. High
Age: (by human years) 15
Sex: female
Race: fire/fox demon hybrid, dark-flame Jagan-fox
Occupation: Reikai Tentai assistant, student, band member, ex-demon clan leader
Weapon: claws, Jagan
Love Interests: Jin, Azriel
Quote: "Deck the preps with gas-o-line, lalalala lalalala. Strike the match and hear them scream, falalalala lalala. Watch them all burn to ashes. Falalala lalalala. Aren't you glad I play with matches? Falalalala lalalala!."
When she was a child, Mikoyo enjoyed fighting with Jaganshi, doing all she could to please her father, and growing up beautifully for her mother. She was a fiesty child who enjoyed playing with fire (and she still does). As she grew she spent most of her time with her parents, though she was a lively child, she didn't keep friends for long. Living in Makai, that tends to happen. She enjoyed planting flowers for her mother and learning tricks to make them grow faster. She would take long walks with her father to the ocean and bask in the sun.
When Mikoyo heard about Kit's living in Tokyo with the spirit detectives, she set out to retrieve her brother and bring him home. However, instead she found an island of deserted demons and became the ruler of it. Nearly a year went by before the Spirit Detectives came to investigate the Night Fog Island and it's unusual energy source. They came across the fire vixen Mikoyo-Jyoti. To make a story short, Mikoyo revealed the fact that Kurama's sister was still alive and so were Kit's parents. She ended up going back to Tokyo to live with her uncle.
On Mikoyo's first day of school, she became known at the "knock-out knockout". The reason being was that a boy flipped her skirt and she "knocked his lights out". Thus her title at the human school.
While staying with her uncle and visiting Kit regularly, Mikoyo accidently slipped the big one. She was the reason everyone discovered that Hiei was thier father. So much for that secret!
During the Ankoku Bujutsukai, Mikoyo wasn't allowed to fight, though she was there to protect their friends who came along. She wasn't sure she trusted Sia at first, though after seeing her protect Yukina.... Mikoyo decided taht Sia was alright. Though when she discovered Sia was female, she grew suspicious again. And then when she found out that Sia was her mother... she was bewildered.
Eventually Mikoyo went back to live with her parents, though she returned often to continue school. She had a lot of fun with humans, though she longed to have someone like her that she could talk with freely, rather than trying to hide her demonic self. (Unlike her brothers, she enjoyed her demon form. But of course hers was unlike Jaganshi's. She transformed into a golden-eyed girl with a copper tail and fox ears. Not having the Jagan, her demon form was unlike Hiei's.)
She found a friend in Yusuke and often skipped class with him to run about wildly. She felt that he understood her demonic nature better than anyone else. (Besides her parents, but you know how teens are.) Though she also fell head over heels for Jin, the wind master. When she was in Makai, she would sneak off to run around with Jin. She was like a little schoolgirl with Jin, all bubbly and giggly.
About 2 years passed, and Mikoyo was feeling weak. She saw her brothers advancing in thier powers, but hers weren't. She felt as though they felt that they had a duty to protect her. And because of that... she felt weak.
After being attacked by a demon and nearly getting herself killed, though Hiei and Jaganshi saved her, she ran away to practice training. She didn't get very far and nearly killed herself when she summoned the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. During an emotional outburst, she ran away again.
Mikoyo got as far as to the Surgeon of the Damned. Pumped up with exhileration, Mikoyo demanded that he give her a Jagan. Shigure and his assistant Hideki could not refuse such an intruiging offer. The two demonic doctors performed a severing painful surgery and replaced her right eye with the Evil Eye.
Unable to restrain the power, the firefox went on a rampage and killed everything in her past. Though with the help of her father, Mikoyo returned home safely. She went home with a new eye, new respect for her family and from her family, and a new friend. Hideki, assitant doctor of damnation.
With Hideki, Mikoyo started a small band. The two friends went to school and would perform concerts for friends and clubs all over. They called thier band SISTA, Secrets In Stars Teach All. They went under the names Toxi Coy (Hideki) and Cinnamon (Mikoyo). Sometimes they had Ashni to perform as well as Sia. It was... a rather fun yet odd experience for them both. But it still worked out, they both enjoyed singing and dancing.
Through training with Hideki and Jaganshi, Mikoyo's strength rapidly increased with the help of her Jagan. Though were was one problem... she couldn't control it during her mood swings and was often hurled into various realms and time zones, sometimes zapping people along with her. That was how Mikoyo began to make new friends across the universe and time. She created quite a few romances along the way. Though her need of romance was darkening... because of this her relationship with Jin ended. She felt the need for someone dark, mysterious, someone to keep her on her toes. She assumed it was just a fantasy. Though her fantasy was brought into reality by Azriel the Sanzen.
During one of her concerts, a handsome young man in complete black suddenly appeared on the stage. Mikoyo was instantly enticed. She was taken away by Azriel and put through a rather unusual experience for a kidnapping. She met with a man named Kakashi Hatake. (NarutoXYYH crossover) She learned about the 3X3 eyez: Jagan, Sanzen, and the Sharigan.
She was taught about the powers the three held and what they all could do together. Azriel wanted the power of the Kinjirume, the forbidden eye. He wanted Kakashi and Mikoyo's help to gain it's power as well... though he didn't plan to hurt them. This confused Mikoyo, but she decided to help him anyway.
During the incantation, Azriel's body was being ripped apart by the power of the Kinjirume. Having felt such pain with only the Jagan, Mikoyo understood and did all she could to save him. This began a new turn in her life. Against the better wishes of Hideki, Mikoyo began secretly dating Azriel. She wasn't sure why... but she couldn't stop going to the mysterous Sanzen weilder. Her love for him unlocked the pain he had hid away, and brought out his true self once again.
Just like her mother had done for her father, Mikoyo was slowly sinking into Azriel's consciousness. She was in love, a love that would lead to great experiences and greater things beyond the bounds of life she knew.

Young Mikoyo

The top pic was randomly found at The childhood pic came from Koenma No Miko's YYH Hall. Warning of YYHXNaruto crossover.