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Doctor of the Damned


Name: Jimena Hideki
Alias: Dr. Hideki
Location: Makai, Ningenkai
Age: (by human years) 15
Sex: female
Race: summoner chiroptera
Occupation: doctor of the damned, Shigure's assistant
Weapon: scalpel, scythe
Love Interests: Jaganshi Hiei Jr., Aya the Demon Slayer
Quote: "Trust me, I'm a doctor."
Born into a clan of summoners, Jimena was the offspring of a dying clan. She didn't live long with her true family. When she was just a newborn, her clan was attacked and murdered. Jimena's baby body was tossed into a river to drown. Instead of drowning however, she was recovered by a new clan of demonic beings, sarins. They took her in. Jimena was raised to be a seductress. She was spoilt, selfish, and taught to think for only her own interests. She did just that.
Around the age of 136, Hideki departed from her sarin friends. She felt contained, and she wanted to find a new vast world of which to explore. What she came upon... was Eclipse, Viper, and Trinity.
VET (Viper, Eclipse, Trinity) were a trio of summoners from an academy of magic users. They instantly accepted thier fellow bretheren into thier now foursome. Hideki learned the ways of sorcery, necromancy, a bit of alchemy, and other forms of shamanic power. She was well-rounded in her studies. Her favorite and most practiced was, demonic medication. She was like a schoolgirl dreaming to be a doctor.
Hideki left her friends, who had become the closet thing to family she ever had, and went on her own to make a name for herself. Her sarin roots were agging her into wanting such things as fame and glory. It wasn't long before she ran into Shigure, the Doctor of the Damned. She was... in love.
Hideki immediantly became his assistant. He was her teacher, her sensai, her master. She served under him in pure machocist bliss. She did anything he wanted her to. Anything. He was like a father to her, and she worshipped him like a god. Especially when Viper died, Shigure was the only comfort that she had since Trinity had disappeared, and Eclipse was sentenced to be murdered for slaying Viper's master. Shigure stayed with Hideki during her hardest times.
It was through her work with Shigure that Hideki met Mikoyo. Together the damnation doctors replaced her right eye with a Jagan to be just like her father. Hideki was amused as to why she would want such a forbidden eye. After the surgery though, Hideki just had to find out. So she followed her patient to Ningenkai and stumbled upon a sweet and caring family. It wasn't her home... but it felt like home.
Hideki now goes to school with Mikoyo. Her favorite pastimes are shopping, going to the salon (she loves to be pampered), modeling new skanky clothes (because she loves to show off her body), and flirting (especially with Mikoyo's older brother). Also while in Ningenkai, Hideki ran into an old friend... Aya the demon slayer.
Hideki returns to Makai from time to time. She once took Mikoyo with her to her old summoner academy. During the reunion, Mikoyo met all of Hideki's old friends. Hidekif ound Trinity and Eclipse again! Silly Trinity had slipped into a realm portal and fell back in time. Eclipse went on a murder rampage and slayed many people who had ever angered her. She had lost all of her sanity. Even though Hideki wanted to stay with her sisters, she returned to Ningenkai with Mikoyo, her true friend. She was rewarded with a love confession by Aya.

The picture comes from however it is actually from a manga called Lilim Kiss.