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The sound of your voice... reaching out to me


Name: Yuki Namizu
Alias: Hitokiri Blade, Kade
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Age: 20
Sex: female
Race: Japanese
Occupation: ex-assassin
Weapon: Daito, Wakazashi, pistol
Love Interests: Tonoki, Sanosuke Sagara
Quote: "People are thier actions, that's how we're branded."
The second child of a nurse and Satsuma rebel clan warrior, Yuki was practically destined to fight in the revolution alongside her father. As a child she spent most of her time practicing martial arts and swordsmanship. Her mother and older sister Izu-San were usually nursing her father after his fights against the government.
One day, while she was meditating, Yuki chanced upon another young girl who called her Kimiko. At once they became friends.
Kimiko and Yuki grew up together as close as sisters. They enoyed dancing, practicing martial arts and swordsmanship, and creating dreams for the world of peace they would help create. They planned on fighting in the revolution together. Though things did not work as planned....
Yuki was forced into war early, after having slaughtered a government troop who tried to set her village aflame. Her father was murdered. Yuki took her precious belongings, and after having stained her hands with enemies' blood, she left her mother and sister to fight in the war.
During the end of the war, Yuki assumed Kimiko had been killed. Eventually her childhood friend was pushed to the farthest limits of her mind. The Hitokiri Blade was a known murderer, and was caught only twice. The first time was when she was wounded, she was taken in by a daimyo who wished to have her marry his son. Yuki refused and was sentenced to death. However she escaped with a lord's help and became the samurai gaurd of Lord Takahashi Kazuo.
Yuki served under him for a few years, before she was sent on an assassination to destroy the "Shadow Battousai". At first, Yuki was thrilled. Her partner Tonoki wished her good luck and proposed to her before she left. Yuki, breathtaken, couldn't answer for she was interupted and ordered to leave immediantly.
Yuki headed to Tokyo in order to kill the Shadow Battousai eagerly... until she discovered it was Kimiko.
Through an absurd turn of events (you can read them in Return of the Blade), Yuki and Kimiko were reunited, Tonoki was shot to death, and Yuki ended up returning to find her sister in Kyoto. However, now Yuki tends to come back to Tokyo to visit Kimiko and Sanosuke every once in a while. Rumors say that Yuki has the hotts for the Rooster.


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