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The Tainted Blossom will still bloom


Name: Chikara Shinomori
Alias: Ouka-San, Okashira
Location: Kyoto Japan, the Oniwaban Manor
Age: 29
Sex: female
Race: Japanese
Occupation: Oniwaban Leader
Weapon: kunai with chain (chained blade)
Love Interests: Han'nya
Quote: "Love is blind."
Chikara Shinomori, the daughter of Aoshi Shinomori, was raised by the Oniwabanshu. She accelled at the teachings of Han'nya's and Beshimi's. She enjoyed practicing the arts of shinobi far more than that of a samurai. As a child, Chikara was a lively spirit who did all she could to improve her traits. She tended to be a tad bit snobbish towards other children, but it was only a cover of her own deprived childhood. She was active, but not towards such things as butterflies and candy or cartoons and toys, well maybe toys... but only the dangerous kind. Chikara loved to practice martial arts and swordsmanship. She was a blossoming flower.
Chikara's nickname is Ouka-Chan because that is what Han'nya always called her. Since her eyes were blue, and she was considered a flower among the Oniwaban, the name seemed appropriate. She did her best to meet Han'nya's strict standards... with joy.
As Chikara grew older, she began to feel the aggresiveness of other warriors against the female fighter. She began to hide her face behind an anbu mask. She was Han'nya's pride and joy.
As expected by Aoshi and Shinyo, Chikara's personality wasn't the only thing that blossomed. Her love for the masked omnitsu was strong. It was an unexpected blow to the heart and soul when he was murdered by Kanryu Takeda. Of course, it was Chikara's way to get revenge. So she took her precious mask and kunai chain and headed out to find the wretched scumbag. She was a spy, an omnitsu, and a darned good one as well. She tricked Kanryu and helped him to escape.
Her first plan of attack failed, and her partner was taken hostage. She was furious. Not only had he murdered her love, he kidnapped Shinyo. He would pay!!!
Now... Kanryu Takeda is dead. How... well, you wouldn't want to know.

The picture is from an Ayashi No Ceres gallery.