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Name: Hikari Sagara (maiden name)
Alias: Hikari Shinomori
Location: Tokyo Japan
Age: 26
Sex: female
Race: Japanese
Occupation: ex-street fighter, last member of the Sekihotai
Weapon: none
Love Interest: Shinyo Shinomori
Quote: "Why run when there's nowhere to hide? The pain of a broken heart will always find you. And my family is my only sanctuary."
Her father was Souzo Sagara, captain Sagara of the Sekihotai. Her mother died after she was born. Hikari always looked up to her father. Then at the end of the revolution, he was killed by Imperialists. She spent much of her life afterwards wandering. She was reunited with her fiancee, Shinyo Shinomori. He proposed to renew the engagement, and they were married. Soon she became pregnant and gave birth to thier daughter, Aisuru. She then changed from the black pants and shirt, and red vest uniform of the Sekihotai.


This character is owned by Kai Himitsu. Yes, I do have her permission do display it on my site. The picture is from Ayashi No Ceres. If you would like, you may read the fanfiction of Hikari Sagara at's story Unforgiven.