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Karma Sutra who doesn't know...


Name: Karma Sutra Karima
Alias: Karima
Location: at Sesshomaru's side
Age: unknown
Sex: female
Race: karma sutra
Occupation: servant to Sesshomaru
Weapon: blood
Love Interest: Sesshomaru (one-sided)
Quote: "Keep me by your side and I will strike where you tell me to strike, kill whom you tell me to kill." -Haku
Karma Sutras, most definatly not a Kama Sutra (seductresses) though thier race is similar in thier wicked ways of charming men. Karma Sutras gain power through thier ability to manipulate blood kinetics through thier own blood. Such as, if Karima were to slit her wrists and mix her blood with that of Kikyo's or Kagome's... she would become her alter-ego Lakota, a priestess that is almost identical to Kikyo except for the blue eyes. The iris in a Karma Sutra's eyes can never change, the reason why is unknown however.
Karima met Inuyasha while disguised as Lakota, a wandering priestess who was terrified of lightning. Eventually she was revealed as the lonely Karima who collected blood samples as a living. However, while journeying with Inuyasha... things became tense. The lasting effects of Kikyo's love for Inuyasha (which had been transferred to Karima from her blood) were making Karima blush everytime Inuyasha even looked at her. Karima was falling for Inuyasha!!
But before it ever happened, Karima had a run-in with Naraku and ran away from them all... and ran into Sesshomaru after he made an attempt to steal the Tetsusaiga. Why she began to follow him, it was never made clear. But Karima did, and began travelling with Sesshomaru and Jakken. (Not too sure where Rin fits into the story right now..)
Quite a few times Karima came upon Inuyasha while in the service of Sesshomaru, though she never left her lord. She only then did her best to keep the two brothers from killing each other. She became fully devoted to the dog demon lord. His slightest wish, was her entire reason for being... and he knew it too. No matter what it was, however small, however impossible, Karima did anything her lord asked her to with a smile on her face. She loved her lord more than anything and anyone... including herself.
After having a few run-ins with Naraku, Karima discovers that he is the reason that she can only remember 1 year of her life before meeting Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. It seems that Naraku wanted Karima's race destroyed. And now there's only one left. Karima. What could his plan be for the young karma sutra be?

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