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RuroKen Fanfic

It's just as the title says: Meeting the Oniwabanshu. It's a little fluff fic about Aoshi and his daughter Chikara when she meets the four Oniwaban: Shikijou, Han'nya, Beshimi, and Hyottoko.
It's just a little fluff fic about Aoshi's daughter, Chikara, and Han'nya. It's Halloween time and she's got a few questions on her little mind.
A little fluff fic about Aoshi's kids. This time though, there is a surprise character. What trouble have the two Shinomori twins gotten into THIS time? It's not trouble... it's worse. AoshiXOC
Unforgiven - by Kai Himitsu
An old friend of Sano's from the Sekihoutai shows up, and she still hates the Imperialists. Can they change her mind about Kenshin?
Wedding Day - by Kai Himitsu
Finally! The big day is here! Shinyo and Hikari are getting married! Everything's going smooth. And, yes, those are wedding bells I hear. How will it all go? Read and find out! (Sequel to Unforgiven)
Another attack on the Kenshin-Gumi, though this time it's a bit different. It's by an army who want revenge on the young Shinomori. She killed thier precious general and now they want her death. Is this the end of Chikara? AoshiXChikara One-Shot.
The incident began with training, the Shinomori Twins were supposed to be under Hyottoko's eye yet abused their lesson and turned it into chaos.

All fanfiction is written by me unless said otherwise.