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Black Cat Point Termination ~The Cat With A Vampire's Bite


Name: Hana Jimai
Alias: Black Cat
Location: Hellsing Manor
Age: 16
Race: English
Occupation: Sharpshooter, Vampire Hunter
Weapon: Walther P99 9mm Handgun
Love interest: none
Quote: "Come and play with me. Come see, come see. It'll be just you and me. A little nip here, and maybe one there. We'll indulge ourselves everywhere. And when you're about to blow, then and only then... I'll finally let you go." ~Cody Hideki
A young girl who finds no true meaning within life, and stumbles through the days without any dreams for the future nor regrets of the past. A soul that's meaningless, a life wasted, a conscious broken. No talents deem her extrodinary, no repulsation causes her to be seen as fascinating, she's just another victim. Her main existence is seen as an annoyance, yet just another human to take up space, and the only reason people might actually know her name would be through her insights with the vampires. Hana Jimai has been known to work with the Hellsing Organization. She's not a vampire herself, as aforesaid she's been seen as just another human to take up space, but if one would give an opinion rather than taking her own... Perhaps HanaJimai is actually worth something? Weasling her way through vampires with her own skills of seduction and with the thrill of exhileration, she's willing to give it all just to get her own perfect shot. She adores working with Alucard and Seras, but even as she would obey Integral to the gates of Hell, there's always been a mysterious bit of apprehension within her. Even so, she enjoys toying with vampires, having a few vampiric qualities of her own like her pale exterior, sharpened canines (because what Vampire Hunter doesn't enjoy gnawing upon silver every now and then just to justify thier humanity?) and the sexual nature of biting...

Picture credit unknown.