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Hiei gets a trip back to Makai. While there he runs into this strange vixen who's about to change his life. But for better or for worse? Exactly what's with her strange attitude and why is she making Hiei feel... fuzzy? HieiXOc
An Old Friend -By Kai Himitsu
An old friend of Kurama's shows up. Turns out, she's out to kill him. Why? What has she got against him? Can the YYH gang handle a demon with such a grudge? (no pairings)
It's just a sonnet I wrote. Though I am rather proud of it. It's about his match with Yusuke.
An Evanessence songfic of what Sia thinks of Karasu now. It's just a drabble though.... HieiXKageri (part of the "Horrors in my Head" series)
Kageri is a princess who's up for marriage. Not! She's being forced so she can take over the role of queen. I repeat, forced by her mother and father. Yoko is her brother who is the King of Thieves. Can he bribe his sister to marry? Not likely. So they'll have to persuade her with the most handsome, riches, well-known, honorable demons of all Makai. Maybe that will help her choose a suitable husband. But, just in case, Yoko decides to bring in some friends. Hopefully by the time the clock strikes midnight the little princess will be up for queen hood. Hopefully.
Shintaku No Futago -by Kai Himitsu
The Reikai Tentai is told to watch after these two neko girls. What's so special about them? They can see the future. And many demons want them. Will they be safe with the Spirit Detectives?

All fanfics are created by me unless said otherwise.