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I am NOT an artist.
I am not a manga-ka.
I am not very smart...
These are the disclaimers to anything on this site which is not created by me.

As beforesaid, I am not an artist. All images on this site come from various places around the net. Most of them will come from either or If thier is no credit beneath the picture, it is because I forgot (which is the case most of the time) or it is from or
All the backgrounds of these characters were created entirely by me or by my best friend (Kai Himitsu, whose characters are also displayed here). None of them are stolen ideas, though they may have been inspired by an idea from another manga or anime or book. Do not steal my ideas for I try very hard to come up with them. Thank you.
As for the names, I'm not too sure what to say about them. Some of them are Japanese names, some are English, some are just pieces of names put together. I create some names, but not a lot. Names such as Mikoyo, Shadett, Namizu, Kisuna, Foxlyn, Yokonna, Yukanna, and Desariya are mine. I created them from right on top of my head, or from other names. Please do not steal them. That would be copyright, which is a crime.

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