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by Kai Himitsu

Chapter 1: She Awakens

Demonic birds cawed in the early morning light of the rising in Makai. Nonctournal demons returned to their hiding places to wait for darkness to once again envelope the light into a nightly splendor. Forests of bright trees and deadly bushes were highlighted by the bright sun. The land was mostly covered in trees and tall mountains. Except for one area that remained bare and battle-scarred. A bush, more like a forest, of thorns formed in the center. Green, thorned vines entangled in a painful maze to the center. A glass case, like a coffin, was supported by thick, twisted vines that held it up like a table. Inside the glass coffin, a woman laid in imprisoned. Her hair was long, down her waist, sea-green in color. She wore a long, purple cheongsam with golden leaves and vines embrodiered all the way around. A rose lay on top of her. She seemed to be in a deep sleep. Wings flapped feverently as a demon bird hovered above the thorn forest.

"Such a same for a great ruler like her to be locked up so. Fear not, master! I will free you!" It flew down in a nose dive, its beak growing. As the tip of its beak pierced the glass, a bright light filled the sky. Cracks formed along the glass coffin, light seeping through. Shards went flying in different directions. The demon bird, sat up from the ground and groaned. " tail feathers..." He gasped with wide eyes. The woman stood a light still shining but fading fast. Her eyes opened to reveal dark purple irises filled with an instant expression of hate and rage. "M-Master Rainkai!" She glanced at the bird. The red rose lay at her feet. She picked it up and crushed the bloomed bud in her hand.

"How long have I been imprisoned?" Rainkai asked in a cool tone.

"Fifteen years, Master. Makai has missed you. Many demons have missed your leadership and bloodlust. It has been a harsh few years."

"Fifteen years, huh? So much has happened, and I have no clue where he is."

"Do not fret, Master. For I will bring you the head of he who had imprisoned you." A growling came from deep within her throat, and she sliced the demon bird's head off with a swift flick of her wrist.

"If anyone is to bring me the head of the Fox Thief, it will be me and me alone." She left the bloody corpse behind. Wings burst out of her back, and she flew off into the sky.


Yusuke and Kuwabara walked down the street, their uniforms scuffed up from their recent triumph. Well, if you could call winning a street brawl a triumph. Kuwabara stretched his arms.

"Wimps. Everyone last one of them. Why can't we have another mission? Sure, most the demons are a piece of cake, but they're a lot funner than beating the weakling wanna-be-tough-guy fighters here." Kuwabara said in his gruff, yet annoying voice. Yusuke yawned.

"Yeah, yeah. Koenma's really disappointing me. Not so many cases anymore." A school bell rung and students filed out the double doors of an elegant looking school. Kurama walked out in his pinkish-purple uniform, carrying one of his books in hand. He walked up to them.

"Hey, Kurama. What's up?"

"Hello to you, too, Yusuke." Kurama replied. The three walked down the street, heading nowhere in particular. Suddenly, Kuwabara froze.

"Hey, Kuwabara. What's with you?" Yusuke stared at his carrot-topped friend. Kuwabara was pale as he looked around the bustling crowd that pushed past them.

"You don't sense that? Something's here. Something powerful. A demon."

"As if that wasn't obvious." Yusuke said sarcasticly. Kurama looked around. 'Kuwabara's right. Something is here. But what? Wouldn't Koenma have sent us after it?' A woman walked around the corner in purple cheongsam. Her hair was done in a bun with two yellow hair sticks criss-crossed in the bun. Kurama's eyes widened. As she went past them, she stopped, her shoulder an inch from Kurama's.

It's been a long time, Yoko.

How did you get out?

Oh, does that really matter? The point is I've returned, and you'd better watch your back. Because until you die, I will not rest. Good-bye for now. She walked on, past Yusuke and Kuwabara who simply stared.

"Who is she?" Yusuke blinked.

"Don't know. Must be new in town."

"You have no idea." Kurama watched her as she turned a corner, giving him an evil smirk before disappearing out of sight among the crowd.

"Hey, you guys!" A blue-haired woman ran up dressed in the Sarayashiki Jr. High girl's uniform. A long, blue skirt, a blue long sleeved shirt, and a yellow scarf.

"Hey, Botan."

"No time for chit-chat. Koenma wants to see you guys. Now." She told them.

"I think I know what for." Kurama thought aloud. No one asked, but they simply walked on, following their Grim Reaper friend.

Chapter 2: New Mission

Kurama walked behind Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Botan, lost in his thoughts. 'It's been fifteen yers. How did she get free? She couldn't have gotten out by herself. I need to find her, and make sure she doesn't harm anyone.' Making sure the others wouldn't notice him, Kurama slipped away and disappeared around the corner.

Koenma chewed on his pacifier, nervously. The ruler of Reikai was obvioulsy distraught about something, but the question is what was causing it? 'Where are they?' He had sent Botan after the Reikai Tentai a long time ago, and she had yet to come back with them. It was always easy to find Yusuke and Kuwabara. The two knuckleheads almost always drew attention to themselves. Kurama would either be at his school, his home, or hanging around Yusuke and Kuwabara. Hiei was a different matter. He was always hiding, avoiding any human contact. Usually, if there was a mission, he would show up on his own time, asking for the details. Koenma clenched teeth together.

"They better show up soon!"

"Who are you talking to?" Koenma turned, blinking, to see Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei standing in the doorway. Botan was standing beside his desk.

"I was trying to get your attention, Koenma-san, but you weren't listening." She sighed. Koenma's eye twitched and shook his head.

"Nevermind who I was yelling at. You boys have got another mission to take care of." Yusuke smiled, treating the mission like a piece of good news. They all knew that Yusuke was a badd-ass punk who loved to fight, and with how boring things had been lately, this new mission was some good news for him.

"Well, alright. Who's the unlucky demon?" Yusuke cracked his knuckles.

"Yeah. He'll regret the day he messed with us!" Kuwabara yelled, showing out. Hiei groaned and stomped down on Kuwabara's foot. "OW! You little midget!" Koenma rolled his eyes, pushing a button on his desk which lowered a large screen.

"He is a she. And this is her." An image of a woman came on the screen. Dark purle eyes, long sea-green hair, and emtion-less expression, she was still very beatufiful. "Her name is Rainkai. She's a dragon-demoness that can munipulate any source of water and use it to her advantage."

"What's she wanted for?"

"Mass murder." Hiei spoke for the first time since they'd been there. Kuwabara stiffened as he usually did whenever the mission involved murder, extreme danger, etc.

"You're joking, right?" He was a coward, and they all knew it, but at least he comes through when he's needed.

"Hiei's right. She's wanted for the mass murder of thousands of innocent lives. For a hundred and forty-nine years, she terrorized Maikai, leaving destruction and mayhem wherever she went."

" she'll kill whoever she pleases and not give a damn?" Yusuke asked. Koenma nodded.

"To put it bluntly, yes." Koen pushed another button, showing a split screen. On one side was an image of the woman. On the other side was large, terrifying dragon. Scales in the shade of blue, its wings, though long, weren't very wide. It's back legs were long and slender, bent backwards in structure like a horse, while the front legs were slightly shorter. From the top its head to the base of its long neck, thick, bony spikes protruded from its spinal column. Menacing eyes, two rows of sharp teeth, and several long claws, it was a fearsome beast. Kuwabra gulped.

"Th-that's her?" He asked, shaking. Yusuke only stared at it.

"Yes. That's her. I mention before that she was a dragon, didn't I? That only made her all the more dangerous. Your mission is to fnd her and capture her before it's too late."

"Too late? Too late for what?"

"Too late for Kurama." It was only then that they noticed Kurama was missing.

This story was written by Kai Himtsu (who's permission I have to display it on my site). She does not own Yu Yu Hakusho or any of its characters. Though she does own Rainkai.