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A Broken Smile


Name: Rainkai
Alias: Ichi Himitsu
Location: Makai now and then, Tokyo, Japan
Age: 174
Sex: female
Race: Japanese/dragon demonness
Occupation: literature teacher
Weapon: wherever there's water
Love Interest: Mizu of the Ame Clan
Quote: "No matter how much pain, how much hatred, the only thing I can do is smile." -Soujiro Seta
Once a feared and powerful demon, Rainkai was betrayed by her only friend, Yoko Kurama. He imprisoned her to a state of suspended animation for 15 years. When she was freed, she immediately sought revenge. And almost had it. But before she strike the final blow, she saw tears in his eyes. When she asked why he was crying, he answered that his mother would never see him again if she took his life. Having lost her parents long ago, she sympathized and spared his life. Soon, what she'd done in the past began to haunt her. In order to repent for what she'd done, she became a spirit detective to help ease her guilt. Barely a year later, she met Kit, a young fox boy living in a forest. With no one to take care of him, she took him in and gave him a home. Over the years, the two developed a bond that seemed unbreakable.
A tournament popped up, and the Urameshi team was forced to fight again. Still being injured from the previous mission, she was unable to fight and only went along as a guest. Upon arriving, she ran into an ally from her murderous days, Mizu of the Ame Clan. Though resenting him at first, she started to develope "feelings" for him after he saved her life during the fourth match. Sometime after the tournament, they had a rather *special* night togther and were blessed with a son, Tsumi. Mizu took the child so that he could become the next leader for the Ame Clan. For three years, she went about her life as though nothing had happened.
Then in a cruel twist of events, something awful happened. Much to Kit's dismay, who was 19 at the time, he had lost the woman who had raised him for eleven years. Everyone who had known her was devestated. Ten years after her death, she was revived. She resumed her life where it had left off. Much to her joy, Tsumi came back to live with her. Things went on for her. To most people, the most interesting thing about her is that she always smiles no matter how much she hurts on the inside.

Rainkai's Dragon Form

This character was created and belongs to Kai Himitsu.