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by Yuizaki Sohma

Chapter One: More Sohmas?
 “Honda-san! Honda-san! What’s for breakfast?” Kyo began hollering as he entered the kitchen, to find Kagura standing in front of the refrigerator holding a plate of pancakes. “What are you doing here Kagura-kun???”
     “Kyo-kun…my brother is back in town…Kuoki-nisan…”
     “WHAT?! KUOKI-KUN IS BACK!?” Kyo exclaimed furiously, as Shigure walked up behind him.
     “Kuoki-kun is back in town? I haven’t seen him since the day Akito-kun attacked Hatori-san” Shigure spun off.
     “Hmmm…” Kyo said questionably.
     “Tohru-san! Tohru-san!” Momiji started yelling as he was running down the hallway of the high school he and the Sohmas attend. 
     “Ah! Momiji-kun! What’s up?” Tohru said softly as Momiji stopped in front of her. 
     “Honda-san.” Hatsuharu rounded the corner to where Momiji and Tohru were standing. 
     “Haru-kun has a…” 
     “A sister. I never told you because I thought it would surprise you.” Hatsuharu began informing Tohru. “My sister Mizuni Sohma…” he was interrupted by the school bell, and then he stared at the shocked look on Tohru‘s face. 
     “We got to go Tohru-san! We don’t want to be late!” Momiji stated as he smiled. 
     “Bye!” Tohru waved as they left, and she began walking the opposite direction to her class. She rounded a corner, and was stopped by a boy, who grabbed her hand. The boy had white hair, and eyes that glowed a vivid red. Tohru had never seen this boy before, and was shocked. He looked up and saw Tohru’s face, and dropped her hand. 
     “Tohru Honda-san…!” he whispered and hustled off.
Tohru looked at the retreating form with a confused expression on her face.
"Tohru-chan!" A female called from the distance. Tohru turned and looked, she saw her closest friends Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima. 
     "Good morning Uo-chan, Hana-chan." 
     Hana-chan leaned forward and looked close at her friend, "What’s wrong Tohru-chan?" 
     Tohru turned and looked the direction the boy went, "I saw some strange boy...." 
     Uo-chan's brow rose as she looked at her friend. Tohru put a hand behind her head, "Eh heh don't worry!" Uo-chan frowned, "You sure your ok?" Tohru nodded. 
     "Well if she says she is fine then she is fine, but as of right now class is about to start..." Hana-chan stated behind Uo-chan.
     “Akito-san…” a dark figure said to Akito…in a dimly lit room…as Akito hit the figure across the face.
     “Yuizaki-san just called.” Shigure said as he walked into the room where Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru were enjoying lunch. 
     Yuki didn't look to surprised but that was usual with his stoic expressions.      Kyo looked up at Shigure, "What?! What did he call for?" He growled slightly. Tohru had her usual confused expression. 
     “What did Yui-san say?” Yuki asked calmly. 
     Tohru looked at Yuki, "Yui-san?" 
     “I have a feeling, knowing Shigure-san,” Yuki began as he glared at Shigure. “You will be meeting him soon.” 
     Tohru smiled, "Is he one of the Jyuunishi?" 
     Kyo ignored her question as he glared at Shigure, "What are you up to now?" 
     “I’ve invited him over for one of Tohru-kun’s fabulous lunches tomorrow!!” Shigure announced. 
     Kyo stood up, "WHAT?!" 
     Tohru smiled, "Oh really? What should I make?" 
     Kyo glared at Tohru, "Shut-up!" But did nothing to dampen Tohru's mood. 
     "Oh! I almost forgot Uo-chan and Hana-chan are coming over as well!" 
     Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure all stared at Tohru with wide eyes.
Chapter Two: Yuizaki and a Brother Two?
  My name is Tohru Honda. My mom died a little more than a year ago. Since then I have been living with the Sohma family. They’re a completely normal family. Oh yeah, except for the fact that each of them are cursed by a spirit of the Jyuunishi.
      Tohru looked at Kyo, Shigure, and Yuki, who were sitting at the table with her. "What's wrong?" She tilted her head slightly. 
      “Remember the last time Uo-chan and Hana-chan came and visited?” Yuki reminded Tohru. 
      Tohru blinked then looked down sadly, "I guess I can call and cancel...." She got ready to stand up. 
      “No! Don’t!” Yuki said again. “If Kyo-kun can keep from becoming baka neko again, we should be fine.” 
      Kyo stood up abruptly "What did you say you stupid rat?!" He got into his normal fighting stance. 
      Yuki stood up. 
      “No! Don’t fight!” Tohru said loudly and she ran up and started to push Kyo away from Yuki slowly, but Kyo pushed her into Yuki, and Yuki poofed into a rat.
Tohru slumped down, "I am so sorry Sohma-kun!"
      Tohru was standing in the kitchen cooking lunch the next day when an unexpected visitor popped into the kitchen. “Ohayo!” 
      "Oh! Hello, come in." She smiled gently. 
      Kyo walked in rubbing his hair with a towel. "What is Ritsu doing here?" 
      “GOMEN NASAI! I’M SO SORRY KYO-KUN! I’LL COME BACK LATER!!!” Ritsu began spinning off as usual. 
      Tohru smiled, "Its ok, come in, I'm just making lunch for later." Kyo glared at Ritsu but turned and walked out. 
      “Shigure-san called me and said that my best friend was coming for lunch today, and bringing his brother, so he invited me to come too.” 
      "Oh I see, I guess we should have lunch outside..." She looked around. "Not to much room for everyone inside.." She smiled at him. "Well come in and relax." 
      “Sorry to trouble you, I’ll go back into the main room.” Ritsu said as he spun around and walked back out the kitchen door.
Tohru smiled then returned to making lunch. In the other room Yuki looked up at Ritsu, "Hello." 
      “Ah! Yuki-kun, you look more like Aya-san everyday!” Ritsu said to him. 
      “I will be upstairs doing my homework.” Yuki replied VERY crossly. 
      Tohru walked out, "I'm sorry to bother you but do either of you think you could go get me some rice from the store? We just ran out." 
      “I’ll go. It’s the least I can do after showing up so unexpectedly.” Ritsu said and walked out. 
      Uotani walked up to the front door, Hanajima right behind her. "Hmm.. we are a bit early..." She shrugged then knocked. 
      “I sense a wave similar to Yuki-kun and Kyo-kun’s. It is different though.” Hanajima began. 
      “Eh?” Uotani replied, as the door opened. 
      “Oh, Welcome!” Ritsu greeted Hanajima and Uotani on his way out. “You must be Uo-chan and Hana-chan! I’m Sohma Ritsu. Tohru-kun is inside!” 
      “Nice to meet you Ri-chan-san.” Hanajima extended her hand and shook Ritsu’s. 
      “How are you?” Uotani asked.
      Tohru, Ritsu, Yuki, Shigure, Hanajima, Uotani, and Kyo all sat down around the table, waiting for the star guest. Just then, the door knocked. 
      “I’ll get it!” Tohru exclaimed and she got up and hurried over to the door. 
      “Konnichiwa, Honda Tohru-san.” A man said to Tohru as the door opened. He looked about a year younger than Shigure, Hatori, and Ayame. He had brown hair with natural red and blue streaks. He smiled warmly at Tohru, who immediately realized it was Yuizaki. 
      “Konnichiwa!” Tohru replied sweetly. 
      “Konnichiwa Tohru-san…” A boy peeked around from Yuizaki. Tohru recognized as the boy who had suddenly grabbed her hand in school the day before (Chapter One). 
      “I am Sohma Yuizaki.” Yuizaki extended his hand to Tohru. Tohru took it and shook. 
      “My name’s Yue.” The boy spoke softly. 
      “Welcome!” Tohru smiled sweetly.
      “The food you cooked is delicious, Tohru-san.” Yuizaki complimented. 
      “Arigatou, Yuizaki-kun!” Tohru thanked. 
      “Please, Tohru-san, Yui-kun.” 
      “Oh, whatever you’re comfortable with, Yui-kun!” 
      “I sense a strong wave from both Yuizaki-kun and Yue-kun. Like a wave from Kyo-kun, Yuki-kun, and Shigure-san, only much stronger.” Hanajima whispered to Uotani. 
      “I’ve seen you around school before, haven’t I?” Yuizaki looked at Hanajima and Uotani. 
      “At school?” Tohru, Hana, and Uo said in unison. 
      “I teach music at Kaiwaia High School.” 
      “Ah! Sohma-sensei! I’ve heard of you before. Strict grader.” Uo said to him, as he got a sweat drop. 
      “I’ll go get our dessert!” Tohru said excitedly as she walked toward the kitchen. 
      “So, Yuki-chan, she seems nice.” Yue said somewhat silently. 
      “Heh heh! My wife is such a good cook and cleaner!” Shigure said in an annoying tone, and Kyo threw an onigiri at him. 
      Just then, Tohru walked back in and noticed the rice all over Shigure’s face. “Gure-san! Let me help you get that off!” She set the plate she was holding down, grabbed a napkin, and started wiping Shigure’s face. 
      Suddenly, out of nowhere, a small pebble hit Tohru in the back of the head and knocked her into Shigure. POOF! Shigure turned into a dog, and everyone panicked, and hid Shigure’s clothes. 
      “Bark! Bark!” Shigure said. 
      “I think Pochie is hungry, Tohru-kun!” Yuki said, trying to sound calm, as Tohru walked Shigure into the kitchen. 
      “Where did Shigure-kun go?” Hana asked questionably. 
      “He must have gone to use the restroom again.” Kyo used as a save.
      “Yue-chan and I will be staying the night tonight, OK Yuki-chan, Shigure-san?” Yuizaki said later that night. 
      “You can have Kyo-kun’s room!” Shigure said out of nowhere. 
      “I DON’T THINK SO!” Kyo shouted. 
      “Shut up, Baka Neko.” Yuki said quietly.
Chapter Three: Another Curse?
  My name is Tohru Honda. My mom died a little more than a year ago. Since then I have been living with the Sohma family. They’re a completely normal family. Oh yeah, except for the fact that each of them are cursed by a spirit of the Jyuunishi.
     “Yui-kun?” Tohru asked her new friend at breakfast. 
     “Ri-chan-san said you were his best friend. How did you two meet?” 
     “Ah…It all started when I was first born………….. 

          “He’s such a handsome baby boy. Yuizaki Sohma.” A lady said, holding a baby
          Yuizaki in her arms. She held him up and hugged him, and he poofed… 
          “Get rid of him. Now!” a man, clearly Yuizaki’s father, commanded. 
          “Why? Because he’s cursed like the rest of my family?” 
          “Yes! That and the fact that I refuse to have a son that’s a FREAK!”

     “And so my mother took me to live with Okami-san. She raised me, and when I was six, Ri-chan-san was born………….. 

          “Yui-bocchan! Come out and meet Ritsu!” Okami said loudly as she entered the
          residence in which she, Ritsu’s father, and Yuizaki had been living. 
          Yuizaki walked out and met Ritsu, and was instantly determined to be friends.

     “We grew up together as the best of friends.” He finished. 
     “Oh. That’s a great story.” Tohru looked into Yuizaki’s eyes. “Do you have any other stories?” 
     “Yes I do, would you like to hear one?” 
     “Oh, please!” 
     “OK.” Yuizaki concluded as he pulled up his left sleeve, revealing a scar with the name, ‘Yumi,’ 
     “Eh? Yumi-san?” 
     “Hai. She was my first love.” 
     “Really? Tell me the story, please!” 
     “If you really want to hear the story, here it goes… 
     “It was Yumi’s 18th Birthday. We were driving up to a point, along the shoreline to watch the sunset. When we came around a sharp turn, and a drunken driver hit us and knocked us off the cliff into the sea. We both made it out of there OK, or so we thought. She passed away silently that night…” 
     Yuizaki looked over toward Tohru, and noticed she was crying. 
     “It sounds so similar to my mom’s story…” 
     “Oh, Tohru-chan, I’m so sorry!” he reached over and gave her a hug. POOF! His hair and eyes were suddenly bright red, and he was wearing a red uniform symbolizing Gemini. 
     “Eh?!” Tohru yelped as she was surprised. 
     “Oh gees…I blew it…” 
     “Are you a member of the Jyuunishi??” 
     “No, the Zodiac. The Second Generation of the Sohma Family. We were cursed more recently than the family was cursed by the spirits of the Jyuunishi. I am Gemini, and my brother Yue-chan, is Aquarius…” 
     POOF! Yuizaki changed back into his normal nekkid self.
     “So, Honda-san, Oni-san says you found out about the Zodiac.” Yue said to Tohru somewhat quietly. 
     “Hai. And he said you are Aquarius.” she replied and she hugged Yue.
POOF! Yue was suddenly wearing all blue, with blue eyes and hair, with a watery looking glaze to him.
     “Yui-kun, how come none of your stories had Yu-san in them?” Tohru asked Yuizaki later. 
     “I met him about three years after Yumi’s death………….. 

          “Yuizaki Sohma-kun? I am your brother, Yue Sohma. I came to find you. Our     
          mother has died on a sinking ship, the Harmony.” Yue said to Yuizaki after
          meeting in an airport. 
          “Eh?” Yuizaki replied with a clueless expression. 
          “I have been living with mama since papa disappeared when I was little. Then     
          she died, and you were the only person I could turn to.” 

     “That is how Yue and I met.” Yuizaki said. 
     “And he’s lived with you ever since?” 
     “Hai. He goes to your school.” 
     “Eh? How come I haven’t seen him around. I know most of the people there…even if they aren’t friends.” 
     “He spends most of his time in my classroom, but he can be seen around campus. It is uncommon though. I have to keep an eye on him. He’s a bit flirtatious.” 
     “I heard that!!!” Yue popped into the room, still as Aquarius. He formed a water ball in his hand and threw it at Yuizaki. Immediately after, he poofed into his nekkid self. 
     “Get out of here. You’re indecent.” Yuizaki said firmly. 
     “I don’t think so.” Yue replied, as Tohru silently slipped out of the room through the door behind him.
     So now I know about another Sohma family curse, and I’ve met two members of the Zodiac; Yuizaki and Yue.
Chapter Four: Heart of a Lion
My name is Tohru Honda. My mom died a little more than a year ago. Since then I have been living with the Sohma family. They’re a completely normal family. Oh yeah, except for the fact that each of them are cursed by a spirit of the Jyuunishi.


     "Kazina-kun," a voice echoed across a small pond. "Kazina-kun."


     Tohru woke up early one Saturday morning. She walked downstairs, and began cooking the morning’s breakfast. Suddenly, someone started knocking on the door. Tohru walked to the door and opened the door.

     "Ohayo!" A girl about Tohru’s size with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes was standing at the door.

     "Honda-san, who’s at the door?" Yuki was rubbing his eyes sleepily as he walked downstairs. He saw the girl and made eye contact with her. "Kazina……Kun…"

     "Who the hell is at the door?!" Kyo said angrily walking downstairs. He looked at Kazina. "NO! NOT HER! ANYONE BUT HER!"

     "Kyo-kun!" Kazina said joyfully.

     "Kazina-kun, long time since I’ve seen you!" Yuki slid happily over to Kazina. He was blushing. "Umm…how have you been?"

     "I’m great, especially now Yuki-kun." She blushed.

     "Oh, I’m having a couple guys over later to play Murder." Kyo added.

     "Guys?" Shigure asked walking down the stairs.

     "Yue, Hiro, and Haru"

     "And I’ll be playing too." Kazina added.


     "Will you shut up already?!" Yue yelled at Hiro.

     "Kyo-kun said Kazina-kun is here." Hatsuharu said in his usual stoic tone, upon approaching Shigure’s house. Yue glared at him.

     "So what? Just as long as she leaves us alone." Hiro commented sarcastically, and he began pounding on the door.

     "Honda-san, don’t worry, I’ve got it." They could hear Yuki’s voice. He opened the door and greeted the three boys.


     "Would it be…Yue-kun…in the basement…with the chainsaw?" Haru asked during the first round of Murder, a murder mystery game.

     "WRONG!!!" Yue hollered.

     "Yue-san…don’t shout!" Kazina entered the game room. "Can I play?" She set her violin down on the table.

     "No." Kyo replied quickly and simply.

     "How about this then?" She grinned evilly. "Kazina…with the violin…" She picked up her violin. "In the game room…KILLS KYO!!!!!"

     "Eh? Yeah right." Kyo watched the other boys storm down the hallway. He looked at Kazina, who was advancing toward him with her bow in one hand, violin in the other. There was fire in her eyes, and Kyo knew it. He screamed and vanished down the hall.

     "Who’s up for a game?" Kazina called after the four boys.


     "This food is awesome!" Kazina looked toward Tohru.


     "Kazina-kun, eat any more, and you’ll not be able to fit in this house." Hiro spoke just so Kazina could hear.

     Kazina dropped her chopsticks, and looked grimly at Hiro. "Do you WANT to die, little man?" She stared at the snickering boy next to her. "Huh, punk?"

     "Buh-bye!" Hiro sped off down the hallway. Kazina chased him halfway through the house, before Shigure popped around the corner.

     "Sit!" He threw a notebook toward Kazina. It almost hit the ground, but she caught it before it hit.

     "Hah!" She said triumphantly upon catching the book. The pencil began to slip out of the rings, but she caught it before it fell. She sat down and began doodling in the notebook.

     "I-i-i-s it safe???" Hiro asked around the corner.


     "So, Gure-san must’ve told you I’m moving in." Kazina announced later. Everyone glared at Shigure.

     "Eh…………… Gomen Nasai, Kazina-kun, the wing hasn’t been built yet. You came sooner than I expected. You can…share Yuki’s room." Yuki and Kazina glared at Shigure. Tohru looked at both of them, back and forth.


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