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Have you ever felt that someone was... out to get you?


Name: Suspicion
Alias: Suppi-Chan
Location: Amestris
Age: ???
Race: Homunculus
Occupation: none
Homunculus Trait: Vision (through matter; all directions)
Love interest: none
Quote: "Nowhere to hide."

Name: Desertion
Alias: Dessy~Chan
Location: Amestris
Age: ???
Race: Homunculus
Occupation: none
Homunculus Trait: Vision (obscurs)
Love interest: none
Quote: "Nowhere to run."

Name: Annihilation
Alias: Anni-Chan
Location: Amestris
Age: ???
Race: Homunculus
Occupation: None
Homunculus Trait: Vision (Depletes)
Love interest: None
Quote: "Nowhere to lie."


Enryine Saures was once a woman with a happy life, a newlywed who had yet to have children. She lived in a small town down south, and was a typical southern bell. Her husband was an english major, soon to be teacher, named Theodore Thompson. The two had met during academic courses and fell madly in love during the early fall semester. They had made vows to marry within the next March and from then on would live on a farm until they had both graduated. Their plans then would be to move off to Aquroya and begin a family. Enryine had always held hopes for viewing the Water City once more before her life was over, to view its magnificent beauty just as she had when but a child. It would have been a dream if she would be able to live there, and with Theodore, it seemed possible. Life was blissful months full into the beginning of December until a deadly pneumonia has seized her. She had to put off her classes, which in turn put off her future dreams, until she was bodily able to withstand the cold pressures of the outside temperature. And so she rested, slowly recovering with the assistence of her fiance... But then weeks began to pass, and a gradually change in Theodore began to show. It was simple things at first, but as long weeks drug on it was only natural for a woman to be suspicious. She had hope they were just suspicions... but of course life isn't a fairy tale. Enryine discovered in cold truth that her fiance had been cheating on her during her illness. A stroke of hatred, fever of rage, and a tremor of helplessness... No one will ever be able to truly figure out why Enryine decided to kill her husband, but she did. She left him to die, bleeding slowly to death before stealing outside. Her intentions were to run away but she didn't get far. The pneumonia kicked up within her respiration and optical system and she was left to die, frozen by snow, in the middle of nowhere.


How many years later, there's no way to know... but it couldn't have been anymore than ten, maybe twenty years. The specific date isn't important, just the incident that occured upon that day. An alchemist, which the only information known about his is that his name was "Virgil", had desecrated the remains of Enryines and for whatever satanic reasons that remain unknown to this day... preformed a human transmutation. A homunculus was born, a black-clad woman who birthed the creature "Suspicion". If one were to analyze her and... the others... it would seem that the arcane attempts were actually predetermined by the alchemist. Suspicion has a distant personality, her thoughts always elsewhere as though searching for *something*, but what? As the first created, she's considered to be the eldest and the second closest to ever becoming an "Enryine". Yet apparently the transmutation was not enough, and subsitutions were supplied and arrays altered. No one can be sure exactly what was used and how it was used, but a look-alike homunculus was born, bearing the name "Desertion". This one resembled a personality closest to Enryine's, though didn't include the academic indulgence like her elder sister had. Many times she tried to flee from the alchemist, always screaming insistences upon seeing the water one last time... And finally there was a third, the very last remnants of what had once been Enryine. She, too, looked liked her sisters but not as identical. It seemed that she contained the hostility of Enryine's broken soul, and was rightfully given the name "Annihilation". Her sisters have been known to call her "Anni" in an attempt to soothe the rage of a second life she claims to not want. There were to be no more homunculi created from the woman, the dissected Enryine Suares, as "Anni" personally destroyed the alchemist who created the triad. Though even still, one has to purpose the fact that this "Virgil" had these intentions all along. Why else would he give them the initials to create the Cyptogram "S.A.D."?