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Dark, Mysterious, Clueless


Name: Jaganshi Hiei The Second
Alias: Jaganshi Jr.
Location: Makai
Age: (by human years) 15
Sex: male
Race: fire/fox demon hybrid, dark-flame Jagan-fox
Occupation: demon slayer
Weapon: swords, Jagan
Love Interests: Foxanna
Quote: "Sometimes I just have to ask.... why me?"
Jaganshi is the eldest son of Hiei and Kageri. He may look exactly like his dad though he is quite different. Jaganshi is taller than his father, from his genes from Kageri, and his powers are slightly different. He can control the darkness flame with his Jagan, though he can create a variety of ways to use it. His demon form is not like either his father's or mother's. He turns into a green skinned demon with a green tail and foxears, or a white-haired demon with a fiery tail and ears and a glowing Jagan.
In the beginning Jaganshi was always at home in Makai. He spent most of his time training in swordsmanship. Before his sister left, he tried to train her to fight properly rather than just using her powers. But alas, he couldn't control the free-spirited sister of his. After his sister and father went to Ningenkai he helped his mother plan for the Dark Tournament they heard about.
Jaganshi was first introduced to the Reikai Tentai during the Makai Bujutsukai, in which he suddenly appeared during Kurama's match in the 3rd round. After that he just randomly appeared at times to check on his siblings and parents. Though when Mikoyo recieved her Jagan, he was around more often. He did his best to train her so that she could control the dark power within her. Though after Azriel appeared, there was no need for Jaganshi. However he did begin a new study. He was trying to figure out how Mikoyo could pass through realms and time zones. He had a reason for this... though nobody knew but him.
Jaganshi did all he could to get into the Feudal Era of Japan. (YYHXInuYasha crossover pairing) He needed to go back in time in order to remeet this foxgirl he had rescued once while transported back with Mikoyo. After a month he discovered the secret. Jaganshi could willingly warp through timezones at his whim. He was constantly in the Feudal Era with his awkward love for the demon hanyou, Foxanna.

Young Jaganshi and Mikoyo

The picture was shown to me by my faithful friend, Kai Himitsu. Niether she or I drew it.