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Misunderstood Innocence
Name: Mitsukai Hiei
 Alias: Baby Girl (parents), Fox Devil (villagers) Mutt (Eclipse)
Location: Feudal Japan
 Age: 7
Sex: Female
Race: Japanese, fox/fire demon hybrid, dark flame Jagan fox/ 1/3 human Occupation: None
Weapon: Darkness Flame, Jagan (without meaning to use them)
 Love Interest: (she's only 7!! Good grief!)
Quote: "I'm not evil. I don't mean to harm anyone. I want to be like everyone else, but I never will be. No one will ever understand....I'm innocent."
The youngest child of Jaganshi and Foxanna, her mother fell into a coma after her birth for four months. Being the second born, doctors believed that because of her mother's size, her birth had been a little too much on her body. Jaganshi was mad as hell at them, thinking they were denying Mitsukai's right to exsist. That's where all her problems really began.
Seven years passed, and with those years come discoveries. For example, even though she's only one-third human, she still becomes human for one night. Her transformation happens every full moon. So once in a Blue Moon is total hell for her. Also, much to her father's disappoint, she gained the powers of the Jagan.. More interesting, she didn't need the Eye itself to use them. This was all discovered when she became possessed by a demon who awakened her dormant powers. The magical blood she inherited from her mother acted as a substitute for the Evil Eye.
Thanks to the possession, however, her demon form was also awakened, it just never showed. That is until she was nearly killed and the demon blood within her allowed her to become full demon. In her demon form, she looks about the same only her fox ears and tail are totally black and seem to be on fire, her eyes are blood red, and she has no memory of anyone at all. Not even her parents and brother. She was taken to a healer who supressed the demon inside her.
 She lives happily now with her family and their friends. Her uncle Azriel is teaching her to play the flute. He even gave her one for her birthday. Her parents are taking her to the modern times in Ningenkai more often now. She's even found herself a boyfriend. The only thing that's happened since the possession was her cousin trying to steal her soul. Since then, she's been the happiest fox-demon alive.
Futuristic Feudal Fox
Name: Damaru Hiei
Alias: Daaku Damaru
Location: Mostly Ningenkai, Feudal Japan
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Race: Japanese, fox/fire demon, Dark flame Jagan fox 1/3 human
Occupation: none
Weapon: kitsune magic
Love Interests: Cody (by force)
Quote: "It's better to stay quiet and be thought stupid than to speak and remove all doubt."
Oldest child to Jaganshi and Foxanna, he spends most his time in Ningenkai even though his home is in Feudal Japan. He knows very little of Ningenkai's technology and hates the things called 'escalators', having experienced a bad accident with one once.
Damaru is known to be a heart-breaker. He's already known around Ningenkai schools, even though he doesn't attend school! His main fangirls are Cody, Henjin, Koubou, InuSasha, and the slight infatuation of Echo and Calli. Also, whenever Damaru goes to Ningenkai, he is usually greeted by random girls that he's never even seen. This is one reason why Piper tends to stick very close to her favorite cousin. He thinks that she feels the need to protect him from such rabid fangirls.
Besides from being such a looker, Damaru excels at being quiet. It seems that he knows about how much is dear sister and cousin have so many problems with thier powers so he does his best to stay out of the spotlight and help out the girls of the family. He doesn't have many problems with his own powers, but he understand the difficulties that Piper and Mitsukai go through. However, Damaru does have one big problem that he cannot deal with.... Cody.
Cody is Damaru's worst nightmare/girlfriend. When the two were young, he was forced into becoming Cody's boyfriend/pet/slave/show-off toy/etc. At first, he did whatever it took to stay as far away as possible from the violent summoner girl. He couldn't stand her annoying stories about school and about how she always dramatized his cuteness, nor did he liked being shown off to all her friends/enemies.
Though throughout the following two years, when he really began getting interested in girls, he discovered the darker side of Cody and all that she had to go through. Upon this discovery, Damaru gained great respect of Cody and even likes her back (not love.... not yet anyways) but he will even give in to all her petty compliments and beggigs, even her kisses. Do I see a future romance for the two?

Young Damaru

Human Mitsukai and Elder Damaru

Mitsukai belongs to Kai Himitsu and Damaru is mine. Both Mitsukai's picture and her human form with Damaru was found at AdvancedAnime. Damaru's picture was found at