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Little Aisuru (now)

Name: Aisuru Shinomori
Alias: Aisuru-chan (parents), Squirt (Sano)
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 5
Sex: female
Race: Japanese
Occupation: none
Weapon: small shinai
Love Interests: (she's wayyyyyyyy too young)
Quote: "The world is big, and I am small. Right and wrong, good and evil. Nothing matters if you can't tell the difference." 
The only daughter of Shinyo and Hikari, Aisuru loves her parents dearly. Out of everyone in the Kenshin-gumi, she adores Sano the best. She calls him Uncle since her father only has one sister, and her mother's an only child. Her only grandparent is her grandfather, Aoshi. She doesn't know yet her other grandfather was killed in the Revolution.
Because of the blood-line she's descended from, Aisuru's smarter than most five year olds. She knows how to read and write kanji, play Go (thanks to her father's teachings), and how to read a map. However, she's become interested in something more. Swordsmanship. It was only after she saw her father defending them did she get interested in the arts of swordsmanship. She wants to start training so that she can be like her father, strong and fearless. Though, trying to become strong and fearless will not come easy to her. However, she will be able to start training in two years. Until then, she's perfectly content with the little wooden shinai Karou gave her.

This character belongs to Kai Himitsu (who's permission I do have to display on my site).