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She broke the laws of demoncy and humanity... They were meant to be different, one feeding upon the other, but she stopped. She... who had suffered so much, changed sides and fought for the weak. Why?


Name: Kageri Kurama
Alias: Silver Seductress, Sia Misamoto
Location: Makai
Age: 1000+
Sex: female
Race: fox demoness
Occupation: ex-slave, demon and man-slayer
Weapon: claws, demon wind shuriken, variety of plant toxins
Love Interests: Kuronue, Jaganshi Hiei
Quote: "When you're dead inside, all you can do is run. All you do is hide, and relish in the fact that you might just have one more sun. You give yourself up for dead, keep your mind focused, and stare straight ahead."
Kageri Kurama is the twin sister of Youko Kurama. She is an infamous thief that, after a turn of unfortunate events, ended up in the hands of Karasu as his slave. After many painful years she escaped, with the help of her thieving partner Kuronue, who soon became her partner in love as well. She gave birth to a set of polar opposite twins: Kuro and Shiro.
When Kuronue died, Kageri slayed her children, being unable to deal with the loss of her lover. She left her home, afraid of heartbreak, and eager for revenge.
Years went by, all of which Kageri hadn't been seen. There were reports that Youko Kurama had disappeared into Ningenkai. It was also said that a demon tried to destroy the Makai/Ningenkai portal but only to have her life essence shredded to pieces. Then... Karasu found her again.
Karasu found "his fox" except this time she wasn't the silver seductress he loathed so much... she was different, pitiful, weak, and... with him.


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