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Name: Kinaru Kosu
Alias: Kitai
Location: Midnight Rose, Kosu Residence
Age: 15
Race: Japanese
Occupation: Student, bartender
Sign: Tiger
Love interest: none
Quote: "Humanity is CANCER."
Kitai is the tiger, though unlike Kisa (who he absolutly adores) when he is hugged he transforms into a white tiger. Most people think he is odd, hence his nickname, because even though he is a very opinionated person, he hardly ever speaks. He NEVER speaks unless spoken to. He hates being around people and can only be lured out by Serina or Kisa. His weakness is pretty girls who pout. A girl who pouts can get him to do almost anything. Thus another reason for him to be isolated.
Kitai has a "condition" unlike any of the other zodiac possessors. They believe that this is because only he and his brother, who also has the condition, were the only two who tried to break the curse and came close. To be punished for doing so, Kitai's tiger ears show even if he is a human. This is why he is almost always seen wearing a red Fox racing baseball cap. Another distinctive detail that he has, is the collar around his neck. He wears it because when he was little, he had a girlfriend who hugged him often, and always mistook him for a kitty cat. She knew of the curse but didn't care. They were allowed to go out with permission from Yukanna, until Akito found out and immediantly had her memories erased.
Now, even when he sees her, she doesn't remember him at all. Kitai isolates himself in hopes that he will never fall in love again, but refuses to remove the collar from his childhood, his last piece of love.

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