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Name: Izumi Namizu
Alias: Izu-San
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Age: 26
Race: Japanese
Occupation: housewife, nurse
Weapon: none
Love interest: Shorin Oda
Quote: "When snow melts, what do you think it becomes? It becomes Spring!" -Kana Sohma.
Izumi is the older sister of Yuki Namizu. She is the oldest daughter to a rebel clan leader and doctor. She was taught medics by her mother. Through that she picked up a few things and ended up working to save fallen soldiers during the war. Her younger sister ran off to right in the revolution, and sadly Izumi couldn't stop her. Izumi prayed every night for her sister to return safely. Yuki was all she had since her father had been killed, and her mother and village was burnt to death.
Izumi did her best to rescue orphaned children, fallen men, and sick women. She nursed them all back to health on her own. That was how she met Shorin Oda. He was a farmer who left his wife and kids in order to fight for the village he loved. Sadly when he returned, his home had been destroyed and his family slaughtered.
Izumi did her best to revive the half-dead Shorin. When he was completely healed, the two were married. They had two children: a girl who Izumi named Yuki-ni, and a boy named Hakugin.

This is just a supporting character for the Kimi/Yuki arch in my fanfics. The picture came from