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Save a cow; Eat a vegetarian


Name: Iris Kosu
Alias: none
Location: Midnight Rose club, Sohma Residence, Kosu residence
Age: 23
Sex: female
Race: Japanese (though looks and acts like an American)
Sign: ox (turns into a cow)
Love Interests: none
Quote: "They call it PMS because 'Mad Cow Disease' was already taken."
Iris may be Japanese, but you sure can't tell it. She left Japan to spend three years as an intern to America and when she returned she looked, acted, and sounded like a pure-bred southerner. The picture you see up top was a rare glamour shot, because she usually doesn't look like that. If it all goes her way, she'll be in a T-shirt and cutoffs with her houseshoes only. She's the most unclassiest person you'll probably ever meet and she doesn't care. She tends to be lazy... but at the mention of sports she skyrockets out of any Lazy Boy recliner. She loves football, hockey, and swimming.
But more than anything, Iris loves whiskey. She'll outdrink any guy who challenges her, especially if he's Japanese. Southerners are tough, but Iris's stomach is like an empty void that never fills.
Iris is the ox of the zodiac. She doesn't mind much, because she feels as though she has no use for men therefor never dates. However, if she were to be hugged, she would poof into a brown and white cow. Like Hatsuharu, Iris can be quite the handful if made mad. She enjoys barfights, brawls, and arm wrestling for no reason. Like an ox, she's stubborn as stubborn can be. She claims she doesn't fear anything, but she's deathly afraid of needles and cameras. Her fear of needles is one of the reasons she can't stand Hatori. She despises cameras because as a child, her parents tried to make her a model and since then she refuses to have anything to do with them. Other than that? She's just a honky-tonk girl who likes to party.... all the time.

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