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Name: Kisuna Tamashii
Alias: Kitsuna Shiitama
Location: Irrelevant Village of Smoke, Konohagakure
Age: 14
Race: Japanese human with Kekkai Genki
Occupation: assassian, orphan caretaker, shinobi
Weapon: iron claws, Raikou Ninjustsu
Love interest: Naruto Uzumaki
Quote: "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I'm not."
The youngest of the Tamashii triplets, Kisuna was born the day her village was destroyed... destroyed by the Kyuubi No Youko. She was thought to die the same day, though instead by some miracle... the Kyuubi took her. Instead of devouring the newborn, the Kyuubi adopted Kisuna and her two sisters. The three were taken away to live with the demon fox to never be seen again. Or were they?
It all started with a mission given to Cell 7. They were ordered to get rid of an assassian who was "giving a bad name" to a village that nobody knew the location of. The Irrelevent Village of Smoke was an unknown village that was thought to be myth. Nobody knew its location. So why would they reveal thier location to Konoha? It was because they wanted the Konoha ninjas to take out thier little assassination problem. However, it turns out that the assassian was the little ninja-girl Kisuna Tamashii. She lived just outside the village border, and took care of the village's orphans.
While Kakashi and his three students were there, another assassian was hired by the village to kill Kisuna. Enraged by the hypocritsy, Naruto decided to save Kisuna. After doing so, Kisuna was brought back to Konoha with her new friends. While in Konoha, Kisuna was allowed to live with Naruto until she built her own house. Though of course that house was never built...
Now she still lives with Naruto, training daily with him and Sakura plus Sasuke. Currently she has been reunited with her elder sister who decided to drop in on Konoha with a basket full of suprises. Now what could those be?
Kisuna's personality changes a lot. Now, I wouldn't say she's bi-polar or skitzefrenich, more like she's adaptable. Her attitude changes with every situation she is put in. At fist you see the more serious side of Kisuna. As an assassian, Kisuna lives a rough life and it has affected her to always be on her guard and non-too trusting. However as Kisuna warms up to Naruto, she turns out to be quite childish, humorous, and even seductive. Her feelings toward Naruto make her protective and caring which is a side not too many people get to see.
Towards her sister Foxly, Kisuna seems to always be defensive. There is a lot of love between the two... but even more tension. What could have distanced the inseperable sisters that way? Read The Spirit of the Fox to find out!

The picture came from AdvancedAnime.