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Every rose has its thorns


Name: Rubinetto Kosu
Alias: Rubin
Location: Midnight Rose club, Kosu residence
Age: 16
Sex: female
Race: Japanese/Irish
Sign: rooster
Occupation: waitress, foreign exchange student
Love Interests: none
Quote: "Every rose has its thorns."
Rubin is Yukanna's niece, which is why they both share an Irish nature. She was raised high-class and is a very proper young lady. She enjoys ballet, synchronized swimming, tea time, opra, and any kind of dance. She loves wearing fetish clothing from Ayame Sohma's shop to dress in while acting as a waitress at the Midnight Rose. Her and Setsuna often argue over who's the best princess. However when there's music playing, the two stick together like smores. They love to dance, and they show so almost every night at the Midnight Rose Club.
Although Rubin is high-class, she doesn't mind flirting like a siren. She's very teasing and she can do so to her heart's content according to the club's rules. (Which is "You can look and holla, but touch and you're a gonna.") Rubin is very sweet, exactly like sugar. As long as she's dry she'll be the sweetest thing, but get her wet and the sweetness dissolves into a sticky glob. Being the rooster, Rubin cannot stand water unless she is in volentarily. Other than that, she'll live out the saying "as mad as a wet hen".


Picture came from Anime Project Alliance Gallery in the Lovely Idol section.