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Neko Daemon Summoner

Echo's cat form

Name: Echo
Alias: Kira Kurasaki
Location: Makai, Ningenkai
Age: (by human years) 16-17
Sex: female
Race:  Daemon Neko Summoner
Occupation: Summoner
Weapon: scythe, claws
Love Interests: none
Quote: "Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive."
Echo is an daemon summoner, the closest thing to Eclipse alive. However she has three forms. Her catform is thought to be her original form because it is the only one of which she cannot edit. As a daemon she can change her appearance as necessary at her slightest whim. However her catform cannot be altered. Her other two main forms are her human form, and her dark angel form. She loves angels and becomes one whenever she pleases. She had a slight crush on Azriel, but after seeing how devoted he was to Mikoyo, she gave up.
Echo is close friends with Trinity and Hideki, but she's even more devoted to Eclipse. It seems as though she's the only one that Eclipse will let get close to her, and the only one who can keep Eclipse from killing Trinity. When Henjin was born, Echo was head over heels for the little Eclipse. So in order to protect Henjin, Echo has to keep Eclipse as far away from her as possible. She doesn't mind though... Echo enjoys spending time with Eclipse even when she's treated horribly.
Echo loves going to school (it's a wonder she isn't kicked out for missing so much) mostly because she loves guys. She loves guys, music, dancing, and Hot Topic. Echo is a goth and a cutter. It may not seem like it... but Echo is an emotional rollercoaster and can only calm herself down by slicing her wrists to relieve pain. That is one of the reasons it seems that she's close to Eclipse. Whenever Echo can, she likes to stargaze, swim, and timetravel. Those are the only things that keep her from cutting her wrists. She also only cuts her wrists because she hides the scars under arm warmers of gothic fasion which she loves so much.


Echo's Darklighter form

The picture was drawn by Bridget E. Wilde from the Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls. She is an excellent artist and deserves more credit than I can give. DO NOT BY ANY MEANS take her artwork from my page without first asking for her permission. The lower picture came from, though by the credit on the picture itself... well... there you go.