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Seizing Darkness, embracing death, spilling blood... the poison of life


Name: Unknown
Alias: Eclipse
Location: Makai, Ningenkai
Age: (by human years) 16-17
Sex: female
Race: Neko Chiroptera
Occupation: Summoner
Weapon: scythe, claws
Love Interests: none
Quote: "Some people are only alive because it's illegal to kill them."
Eclipse is a damnation hyrbrid, a mix of a bat, panther, and summoner. As a child she lived with Viper, and was beat by Viper's master excessivly. She was treated like a ragdoll, with a body meant only for experiments. Slice and dice are only a small fraction of what Eclipse was forced to go through. However thoughout the years she eventually made her body become tolerant to pain, and now somewhat sadistically enjoys it. Having posioned herself to the point where her blood was poisoned, Eclipse is thought to be somewhat mad. She is known to cut her limbs regularly, decapitating her wings and tail in her boredom, she could be described as psychotic. Nobody, besides Viper, knows the truth of why Eclipse is forced to scar herself and drink her own blood. If she did not... she would die.
Her blood is poison. Without it, she would die. The poison first injected into her bloodstream many years ago had long run out or been destroyed. Not even she can remember the kind of poison it was that had been forced into her body. So in order to keep herself alive, she makes herself bleed and drinks it in order to revive herself. Sadistic? Yes. Though it is needed.
After Viper's death, Eclipse went to the summoner academy and reunited with her "friends" Hideki and Trinity. Upon reuniting she was reminded how annoying Trinity was, and how much she wanted to kill her. However the new member of thier clique, Echo, somehow always kept Eclipse from carrying out her plans.
Eclipse sometimes pops in unexpectedly at Hideki's home, and observes the human world to see all of its changes. While visiting Hideki, Eclipse met Jaganshi Jr., Foxanna, and Mitsukai. (She doesn't know of Damaru's existence yet.) Instantly Eclipse was thrown into rage. She absolutly cannot stand anyone who dares cross time... because each time someone skips from the time of which they were born, the thread of time (what she calls the flow of time) severs slowly. She's sure that someday, time will disperse and every generation will mix up terribly to rewrite all of history. However, through this, she somewhat respects Mitsukai. She doesn't like her, because Eclipse refused to like any living entity or dead... it has been that way ever since Viper was brutally murdered. So, (to protect Mitsukai) she warns them against all the dangers of time-travelling. How she knows all of this is not known. Hideki and Trinity assume that someone she loved was ripped apart after having messed with the stream of time for too much. It also seems that Trinity and Hideki enjoy coming up with possible reasons for Eclipse's bitterness. None of thier motives have proven true so far.

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