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Wandering through the kiss of the moon


Name: Unknown
Alias: Trinity
Location: Makai, Ningenkai
Age: (by human years) 16-17
Sex: female
Race: Lunae Neko Summoner
Occupation: Summoner
Weapon: scythe, claws, witchcraft
Love Interests: none
Quote: "O matre Luna."
Trinity is a summoner from a lost universe. Her realm, a lunar realm of pixies and fairies and witches, was destroyed and to escape the chaos, Trinity was force to leave her homeworld and ended up in Makai. She became a summoner almost instantly and joined a small clique of Viper, Eclipse, and later on Hideki and Echo. Trinity spends most of her time casting spells, gathering dead bodies to practice her daoism.  Trinity enjoys learning new arts of magic such as shamanism, necromancy, daoism, alchemy, random forms of witchcraft, and transfusions.
Upon coming to Ningenaki, Trinity learned the arts of seducing. She just loves making men wilt to thier knees and having guys wait on her hand and foot. She also likes to go shopping and having peircings. Though with three in each ear, and a bellyring, she's at her max for now. Also, when she first came to Ningenkai, she found that she would need a home. She didn't have nor want a job, so she casted a spell on a family she found suitable and now lives with a single mother and son. They believe that she has always been in the family and is completly normal. Sometimes Trinity gets agitated when asked to do things that a normal daughter should, but she has come to love the family as though her own. Her "brother" is Derek, a young gothic boy who has found out that Trinity isn't human. He knows that she's a summoner, but even though he knows that she isn't actually part of the family, he keeps up the lie and treats her as though she was. Because of Trinity and Derek's closeness, some have assumed that their love for each other went beyond just sibling affection. The truth? It hasn't been found out for sure just yet...
Trinity and Eclipse have a rivalry started long ago for a reason long forgotten. She can't stand Eclipe's performances of a surgeon, and does her best to irritate the hybrid summoner. Her latest act of irritation was creating a clone of her, though she somehow messed up for the best. She created Henjin, a damnation hybrid girl who Trinity just loves. She now raises Henjin like a sister and does her best to teach her all kinds of magic-making. Derek accepts Henjin and even finds her cute. So they all live together as a happily... very messed up... family.


The picture was drawn by Bridget E. Wilde from the Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls. She is an excellent artist and deserves more credit than I can give. DO NOT BY ANY MEANS take her artwork from my page without first asking for her permission.