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Cloned.... confused.... or more?


Name: Eclipse
Alias: Henjin
Location: Makai, Ningenkai
Age: (by human years) 14
Sex: female
Race: Damnation Hybrid
Occupation: Eclipse's clone, Trinity's pet
Weapon: scythe, claws
Love Interests: Damaru
Quote: "What am I? Why do I exsist? Why does anything exsist at all?"
Henjin was created by Trinity's witchcraft, who's sole purpose was to aggitate Eclipse. Henjin is a clone of Eclipse, though unlike a clone she can think and make decisions for herself and can even learn on her own. She's also a more child-like version of Eclipse. The young hybrid eventually met Damaru, Mitsukai, Piper, Rain, Cody, and Kai... she fell in love with Damaru and Piper. Henjin is greatly interested by even the smallest of things, such as a feather or a knot in a string. However... there's something odd about her. Is there much more to this damnation hybrid than meets the eye?
Mikoyo and Azriel think so... why else could they not penetrate her mind with thier eyes? At first it was thought that it was only because, being a clone, her thoughts were those of Eclipse's... though it turns out that they were definatly wrong. Henjin is like no other clone created by Trinity. Henjin can tell the difference between friend or foe, which is why she likes Azriel and Hideki while Eclipse absolutly hates them. Henjin hates one person known so far.... Aya.

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