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Look with your heart, not with your eyes


Name: Yume Kokoro
Alias: Techno Goth, Gothic Hacker  
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Race: Japanese
Occupation: student at Azumano High, hacker
Weapon: all she needs is her laptop
Love Interests: Phantom Thief Dark
Quote: "Don't be so blind. Look with your heart, not with your eyes. I'm a good person."
Though she may be a goth, Yume's a really good person. She enjoys different genres of music. The only kind of country songs she likes are the ones that kick ass. She loves AC/DC, detests Ozzy, and whenever she can, she'll gather up her band and they play Ride On Shooting Star. Yume only lived in Japan the first four years of her life. Then her parents decided it was time for a "culture change." They moved to France for ten years before her parent divorced and sent her back to Japan. While she was in Paris, France, she stumbled upon websites displaying pictures and information of the Legendary Phantom Thief, Dark. She became obssessed with him.....well, obssessed with catching him. After she went back to Tokyo, she learned that Dark had been stealing from the musuem in the town she was living in. The hunt was on.......
Immediately after she started attending Azumano High, she ran into Daisuke Niwa. She liked him because he was such a timid person and because he didn't run from her. They became fast friends even though after he saw her plans to catch Dark on her laptop, which she hardly ever puts down. Most say she's a Techno Goth, and others call her the Gothic Hacker. Others don't really say.
However, she soon gave up the hunt for Dark because she found out Dark was Daisuke. They'd been such good friends she couldn't bear to see him put behind bars. So she gave up the hunt and has kept his secret safe. She's even agreed to help him slip past security and better disguise himself when sneaking in. She despises Satoshi and hates Artemis Lunae and of course dislikes Takeshi for calling her 'freak'. Other than that, she's an easy going person. Just don't get on her bad side. That's regretful.

This is Kai Himitsu's character. I do have her permission to display her here. The picture above came from from anime I don't know. Yume is not a Lunae.