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Ryou's imouto; Bakura's ai


Name: Ryka
Alias: Ryka Bakura; Sea Urchin-Chan (by Jounouchi)
Location: either at Ryou Bakura's or following him around
Age: 14-15
Sex: female
Race: Egyptian
Occupation: adopted sister of Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura's pet/lover
Weapon: none
Love Interests: Yami Bakura (Itemeri?) 
Quote: "Ai shiteru Bakura... my lover, my brother."
Ryka was adopted by Ryou Bakura's mother, a "gift" for him while she was away on so many business trips. Ryka was chosen because, besides the dark skin and red hair, she was someone similar to Bakura. She was brought to his home (during of which he was at school) and left on the doorstep to wait. Luckily there was a key under the doormat and she let herself in and crashed, exhausted from the trip and free from all haunting orphanage, onto his couch.
When the possosed Ryou came home, Itemeri wasn't too pleased to find this... Egyptian wench in his home. He found her repulsive, offensive, and just couldn't stand her. Though Ryou's reaction was much the opposite. At first he was confused as to why she was there, though found a card (placed on a collar around her neck like an ID tag) explaining her arrival.
When Ryka awakened, she not only awakened from a horrible nightmare of the past, but she awakened into a new life... with her dear brother Ryou. She didn't seem to be used to city life, for when touring the town with Ryou, she saw things she had never even heard of before. She met Ryou Bakura's friends: Yugi, Anzu, Jounouchi, and Honda. At first she was a bit scared, but after a while she became relaxed around them. She loved her new nickname from Jounouchi, "Urchin", because of her spikey urchin-like hair.
Though not long after, it wasn't only Ryou's friends she was spending time with... Once getting lost she ran into a dark man of who she couldn't see. She almost instantly fell in love with him. Itemeri also felt such a fondness for his Hikari's little sister. It wasn't long until she discovered the truth about Itemeri. Her love for him only grew...
Somehow the word got out... Domestic Human Services came after Ryka to remove her from the undesired relationship of Ryka and Ryou. (Of course they wouldn't know that she really loved Yami Bakura.) After a tear-breaking turn of events, Ryka was returned to the orphanage after a heart-breaking plead to Itemeri to not forget her, nor let them take her. He couldn't stop DHS, but he gave her a secret promise to get her back...

The picture is of Shayla-Shayla from El Hazard. I found it at a random image gallery while searching for the character. Also, I know that I have two characters by the name of Ryka. It's just that I love the name and only one is actually named Ryka. Note that the Shaman King version, Ryka Tao, is actually named Ryoko Takani. And also... if Itemeri is not Yami Bakura's real name, please correct me and I will fix it.