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Shintaku no futago: Twins of the Oracle


Name: Koubou & Koukan
Alias: Oracle Twins
Location: Ningenkai at Kuwabara's, various high places
Age: 14
Race: neko
Occupation: oracles 
Weapon: none
Love interests: none(Koukan), slight crush on Damaru
Koubou's Quote: "The future is enivitable."
Koukan's Quote: "You can't change the past and you can barely change the present. The future is a different story."
Seers of the future, they're bugged by everyone and everything. No matter where they go someone wants to know their future. But sometimes they mix them up. One can only see a promising future for someone, while the other sees only the troubles it will bring. Short and simple, good and bad. Abandoned at birth by their parents, Koubou and Koukan were found by a tribe of demons who took in the helpless whelps. Over the years, the two thought of the tribe leader and his wife were their parents. However, many differences pointed out that they weren't. The tribe was not a tribe of cat demons; it was a tribe of fox demons. As the two got older, they realized their tails weren't bushy nor their ears tall. One night, they demanded to know what had happened to their real parents. No one knew. They had been abandoned as kittens and the tribe had merely found them, half dead. Koubou and Koukan knew their parents were out there somewhere and decided to look for them. After a teary good-bye to their home for the past ten years, they left in search of their true parents. Unfortunately, a storm hit and they were caught in a flood that separated them.
Koukan had fallen into a river that sent her to a kingdom. She was brought to the ruler who soon found out she was an oracle. He wanted her to tell him his future and of the good things that would happen to him. He got the wrong twin. Instead, she saw many unpleasant things that would happen to him, and he ordered her to be executed at sunrise. She became upset and told him that he could change all of that if he would let her go. He, of course, didn't listen. Deciding he wouldn't listen to reason, she lied. She told him that he would die that night if he executed her. Not wanting to die a horrible death, he let her go, never wanting to see her again. For Koukan, it was a terrible experience. She had lost her sister and had nearly been killed. All she wanted now was to be home at the tribe.
Three years went by, and Koukan was still alone. While trying to find food one day, she ran into another neko girl. The girl growled at her and told her to mind her own business. Koukan stared at the girl and realized it was her sister, Koubou. The two rejoyced at finding each other after so long. Koubou had been adopted into a rich demon tribe that also find out she was an oracle. Since she saw only good things, she told only the good that would happen in their future. She was treated with respect and given wonderful gifts. However, it got to the point where day and night, they asked about their future. It got to be too much, and she ran off. But their troubles weren't over.
Demons came after them seeking them for their own purposes. They went to Koenma and begged to placed in Ningenkai under protection. He called the Reikai Tentai and placed them with Kuwabara, the others not really wanting to deal with them nor were they cat people. They grew to adore Kuwabara and his sister, Shizuru. They don't ask about their future or treat them like dirt or royalty. They're treated with respect and given a loving home. Kuwabara thinks of them as the little sisters he never had. Even with a wonderful home, they still want to get out some more and search for their parents. Koenma promises he'll get the Reikai Tentai to help find them, and they're very grateful for that. They often wonder if their parents will recognize them when they see them. But until then, they're perfectly fine living with Kuwabara. They often want to get out and explore Tokyo, fascinated by the large city and its people. For Koubou, the boy people. She's a total flirt and knows it. Koukan, on the other hand, would prefer to leave them alone. Until they can stop acting like an old tomcat, she'd rather avoid them. Koubou loves the attention, and her only real crush is Damaru. Whenever she's around him, she'll constantly get looks from Cody and Henjin but ignores them. Nothing good ever came out of a catfight. All in all, Koubou and Koukan's life couldn't be better. A wonderful home, good friends, and the sisters' love for each other.   


These two are mine and Kai Himitsu's. Koukan's mine, Koubou's hers. Do not use them without mine or her permission. The pictures for these two were found at