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Nenshou Soukon - burning scars


Name: Lyn Tamashii
Alias: Foxlyn
Location: various villages, Konohagakure
Age: 16
Race: Japanese human with Kekkai Genki
Occupation: assassian, gennin-levl shinobi
Weapon: iron claws, cleaving blade, demon wind shuriken, Kaji Ninjustsu
Love interest: Iruka
Quote: "Precision without tactic is useless."
The eldest Tamashii, Foxlyn is known for her aggressive temper. When she is first introduced, a whole new side is shown of the younger sibling Kisuna. Kisuna fears Foxlyn, and for a very good reason. Foxlyn is ruthless, cut-throat, abusive, dangerous, but she's not cold hearted. As it turns out, she's very protective of her sister, which causes her to force her sister to train. In an odd way, Foxlyn is only wanting Kisuna to be strong enough to protect herself whenever she isn't around. Though because Kisuna tends to slack off, especially when she's around Naruto, Foxlyn is seen as bossy and demanding. She has very strict morals and tries to press them all onto Kisuna. Why? The answer has yet to be revealed for now, though from what you can see so far it is because of a mysterious grudge from the past. This grudge has some kind of linking to the scars on her back.
The scars were first discovered after a "hunt", what Foxlyn calls her assassinations. She was wounded severly and rushed to medic hut. They were found by Iruka, four parallel scars gashed into her back, running from her right shoulder down to left of her waist.
Not long after another mystery of Foxlyn's was revealed. It turns out that she was once before an occupant of the Konoha No Sato... and Iruka's childhood friend. She was once really close to him, and resumes the friendship upon its discovery.
Iruka isn't the only male that has a close relationship with Foxlyn. Sasuke and Foxlyn as it turns out, go waaaaaaaaay back to when they were just children. There's a lot of emotional issues between them that only they know about. Because of thier closeness and understanding of each other, Sakura fears that Foxlyn may still love Sasuke... does she? Keep reading to find out!!

This character is mine. The picture came from AdvancedAnime.Com. Want to know the rest? You'll have to read Kitsune Tamashii to find out what happens next!!