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Unspoken Lullaby


Name: Darshia Harmonia
Alias: Harmony
Location: Searching for Paradise, The Darcia Castle
Age: unknown
Race: Unknown, though she looks to be British and she's part wolf
Occupation: seeker of Paradise
Weapon: wolven eye
Love interest: none (she loved Toboe before she knew he was a wolf)
Quote: "Something is calling me... with the music of an unspoken lullaby."
Harmony is the long-lost daughter of Darcia and Hommina (spelling?). At birth she was a contaminated child and thrown away by her father. She never knew the true reason. She had always thought that it was because her mother was such a frail woman with Paradise Sickness, Darcia didn't want her to be around to cause her mother any more illnesses. However, many years later she discovered the truth. Harmony was born with something that no other human could possess... a wolven eye. With this eye, she could break the wolves' spell and could spot them out from other humans as though there was no spell at all. Harmony didn't care much at first. She only began to think about the power she possessed when she discovered a way to save her mother, to find Paradise.
So Harmony set out on this voyage. During her quest she ran into a young male. It was his kindess that broke the crystal coffin around Harmony's heart. Though it was also him who reconstructed that hatred of wolves when he was revealed to be a wolf himself. Harmony tried to kill Toboe, along with his friends Tsume, Hige, and Kiba... but eventually pushed the thought aside. She was different from her father in the fact that she didn't want to kill the wolves, but manipulate them into helping her find Paradise. She travelled with her uneasy affection towards the wolf pup in her heart... and eventually parted with them. That was right about the time when they had Cheza. There was something about that Lunar Flower... something that unnerved even the icy Harmony. She left Toboe with a peace offering, the promise to never hurt a wolf. As she watched the wolves leave her in the deserted icestorm... she somehow knew... that she and Toboe were never meant to be. Nobles and wolves could never mix. So she returned home, knowing that Paradise did indeed exist, but also knowing she could never enter.

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