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Chiisana Kuroi Neko Hana


Black Cat Briage Cap'n Hanajima Kuro
Name: Hanajima Kuro
Alias: Kuro Neko Hana (black cat flower), Cap'n Hanajima
Location: Black Cat Brigade
Age: 15
Sex: female
Occupation: Hier to the Black Cat Ship, Captain to the Black Cat Brigade, pirate
Love Interests: none
Quote: "A cat's wrath lasts seven years."
Hanajima is the only daughter to Captain Kuro of the Black Cat Brigade. After her father "died" the crew was left under the care of Django and Hana. She loves to interfere with Django's pathetic attempts at ruling over the crew, she however, can whip them into shape with one swipe of her long scythe.
Her father disappeared, supposivly dying, though Hanajima serverly doubts this. She knows that Django knows something about her father's whereabouts. None of the clues he left made sense, something was out of place. So now, Hanajima searches to find her father in order to make him pay. She wants him to pay for killing her mother, for leaving her to watch over a pathetic crew, and for leaving without letting her kill him first.

Picture was drawn by Ryutaro Hino from Ida's Place.