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Mankind cannot gain without first giving something in return. To gain something, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange.


Name: Jakoyu Hataki
Alias: Vengeful Priestess
Location: wherever the wind blows
Age: 25
Sex: female
Race: half Chinese, half Japanese
Occupation: priestess, alchemist
Weapon: talismans, alchemy
Love Interest: none
Quote: "With nothing left to own, what have I to give?"
Jayoku grew up in a village in a mountain valley. For most of her life, she was a happy young girl. But she had a secret. She wanted to be an alchemist of great power, but she did know the risk of it all. So she fantisized, living in her own worlds where she was an alchemist.
When she turned 17, something awful happened. Her wish came true. An evil alchemist came to her village. He knew about her wish and granted it to her. However, because of the laws of Equivalant Exchange, he destroyed her entire village and then himself.  After that, she gained a hatred for alchemist even though she was one.
After she became an alchemist, she believed her heart to be tainted. Jayoku went to a temple and trained to become a priestess. After three long years of training, she left the temple and fell in love. He was an alchemist, but she didn't care. She only wanted to be with him. Much to her delight, he proposed, and she gladly said yes. Unfortunately, the day before her wedding, he was killed by another alchemist. Jayoku swore revenge for her lost love and broken heart. She also vowed she'd never fall in love again.
Now, she travels across the land, helping those who need it and resenting all other alchemists. She has yet to find the alchemist who murdered her fiance, but she is bound and determined to find him no matter what. During her travels, she met Edward and Alphonse Elric. They tried to get her to trust them, but she refused. However, she met the murderer of her fiance, Scar.

Young Jayoku

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