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A Vengeful Alchemist - By Kai Himitsu
The Elric Brothers meet a priestess alchemist who, ironically, hates alchemists. And she's out for revenge. Why would she hate alchemists? What dark secrets lie in her past? Who is she out to kill? (As if I'm telling.)
A Dedication to Hughes - By Kai Himitsu
This is a simple sonnet dedicated to Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes.
'Twas a Day in Amestris - By Kai Himitsu
Just a little parody of an old christmas poem. FMA Style.

When asked that century-old question, a few stirrings arouse between two alcehmists.
Everything in life has meaning one way or another. What's done cannot be undone, or can it? What can harm you can help you. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, or does it? Who's to truly say that these time-old proverbs can depict the true knowledge of life? One soul-seeker aims to find out, and with the help of the Elric brothers she may just get her answers. Yet can she too give them the answers to their questions as well?
The Elrics meet a young alchemist and his 'pets'. He seems easygoing, but there is more to him than meets the eye.

A flame that burns always, one would say it's as mythological as the Philosopher's Stone. Just as the Stone exists, so does the flame. An alchemist uses it to make herself known through Central but it's not because she's a hero. She wants revenge, on who?
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... a cute shrimp in a red coat! Pretty selfexplanitory, don't ya think?
Coming across a world name Amestris, Cody bumps, more like tripped over, by a boy named Edward. Cody finds something she wants, and she'll get it no matter was taboos she has to break. FMAYYH crossover, multiple pairings

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