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First you take one step. Then another. You aren't sure you should be coming here. You cast your weary eyes ahead toward your destination. The towering gates loomed off into the distance, a heavenly light seeping from behind it. You long to go there... though before that you must trek through the thick forest of darkness, pass through the canyons of which spidery webs criss-cross through and before that you must pass over the rushing river below. The ancient bridge looks shaky and dangerous. You have doubts about your journey and are about to turn back when you spot a soft lavender glow. The eerie light turns out to come from a large Japanese lantern. However... it is transparent. What's even more odd is who is carrying the lantern...
The young soul watches you impatiently. Her oriental gown was drooping onto the misty boards of the bridge. She was waiting... for you? She turns her back to you and begins to cross over the antique pontoon.  Will you follow?
If you follow, you will step into the forbidden realm of Reiko's Mind and venture forth into the ectasy of which she creates. Do you dare?

Follow me and I shall guide you

Hello and welcome to Toorikosu Dreams (forbidden dreams). Now you may ask why I call my site this. It is quite simple. This "realm" holds within its exterior, characters that I have created to intrude into the worlds of my favorite animes.
Don't sue me, I am just a pathetic fangirl who has no life.
Kinjiru Dreams is the secondary site to this main site. If there is anything you cannot find here, you can find it there. Though, if you still can't, email me and I will fix that as soon as possible. Thank you for stopping by!

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I do not own any of these anime/mangas. They all belong to thier respected writers and the companies of which publish them. I am merely an obsessed fangirl (along with friends) who create these characters to roleplay and write fanfics. All fanfiction is mine unless said otherwise.